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Being a Girl is not a distinct task you are playing multiple roles at a time either you are a daughter and serving your parents, or you are a mother and nurturing your you or children are a sister and taking care of your siblings, or you are a wife and Maintaining your household. And at the equivalent term, you are a student or a working woman too.

All these jobs require a lot of time and a lot more effort than sometimes you can’t find time for yourself and ignores crucial hormonal changes and signs that may affect your health and even lives at a specific span of life.

So how’s the idea if you have a friend who may remind of these changes to you or whom you can consult if these things happen to you because she is a girl like you and pass through the similar situations. If you like this idea, then let me be that friend of yours ❤.

Hey, lovely beauties out there! I am Suhana and yeah a girl like you � I love to make friends and help them because a friend in need is a friend indeed right? And this is the only purpose of starting this blog to help amazing girls like me in their critical times whether it is related to their puberty, hormonal changes, menstruation, pregnancy, and the other girly things.

I believe we girls are amazing because this society born from us and nurture in our lap. The world is fantastic, and we are amazing as a girl, sister, daughter, mother, and wife, and on the whole as a woman.

That’s why we should pay proper attention to us because if we are healthy, then this society will be healthy and prosper.

One essential thing to state here is that I am not a professional writer or a
Health care consultant. I am a blogger, and I started this blog with the idea of spreading awareness about the actual womanly things among girls because most of the girls did not know well about their menstrual cycle and pregnancy unless they go through it, due to this;

unfortunately, some complications might happen to them because they don’t know how to handle these situations.That’s why I am hither to convey you a way to go through these situations and how to react and handle specific girly conditions because I also face similar situations.

Let me share a hilarious moment of my life with you. When I got my first period about 10 years ago, I actually didn’t know about what has happened to me because somehow my mother or my elder sisters did not tell me about this.

So at that time, I was so much confused and stressed as I thought that I might be caught some severe disease, and I’m gonna die now. �

So I concluded that if I would be aware of periods at that time, I could handle it very well.

That’s why I made this blog for sharing crucial yet straightforward matters of our life and body to make it easier for you to go through it. In this blog, I will share information, precautions, to do’s, and not to do’s about real womanly things.

I will share my experiences, my life with you, and we will build a good friendship bond for sure.

So, my beautiful ladies, Girly Gossips is your pure girly space where you can find each and everything that you should know to spend a marvelous life. We will have our life, gossips and much more here.

The ultimate goal of this blog is to make life easier for you so that you can truly enjoy your life, but this is not possible without your corporation, so join hands to make this goal achievable.

I am waiting for contribution as well as kind suggestions because this is our blog and space.

I will be delighted if you give your feedback and send some ❤ to me.

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