Dye Your Hair Naturally With Coffee Hair Dye At Home

Have you ever wanted dark hair but are scared of using hair coloring kits? Here’s the good news: There’s a way to dye your hair without those products. In this article, I will tell you how to do it using something you already have at home. Not many know this, but coffee has been used as a natural hair dye for a very long time.

Read this article until the end to know how to make your own safe, cheap, and effective hair dye. Coffee can turn your light hair darker or give your naturally dark hair a healthy glow.

Dyeing hair is typical, and most people have done this at least once in their lifetime. Likewise, most people drink coffee, so why not use that coffee and make a hair dye with natural ingredients. It is important to note that dyeing your hair naturally sometimes does not last as long.

However, it is equally important to note that this method of coloring your hair does not do damage to your hair. It can even strengthen it. 

Side effects Of Permanent Hair Dyes

It’s worth learning how harmful hair coloring kits could be. Before the 1980s, aromatic amines were among the components of permanent hair dyes.

This ingredient was proven to be a carcinogen. Latest hair dyes no longer contain this ingredient. However, that doesn’t mean they’re safe. Some studies still find a link between cancer and the long-term use of those products.

Some studies provide conflicting results. With a lack of in-depth studies, it’s better to avoid dependence on those products. Go natural instead! Try a hair dye made from organic coffee. 

There are over 5000 different chemicals used in unnatural hair dyes, per the National Cancer Institute. Many of these chemicals are known to cause cancer. However, coffee is an entirely natural product that will not cause damage and benefit your hair.

 When using the all-natural coffee mixture, your hair will have the proper shine and shade. This mixture also helps grow your hair more quickly, per a study published in the 2007 issue of the International Journal of Dermatology.

I will break down a few different ways that you can use coffee to achieve the best head of hair you’ve ever had. 

How To Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair 

How To Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair

1- Coffee Hair Color

coffee hair color
  • Make solid organic coffee, preferably espresso. (Non-organic coffee most likely contains some added chemicals.) 
  • Let your coffee cool. 
  • Mix 2 cups of leave-in all-natural conditioner with 2 tbsp of organic coffee grounds and 1 cup of cold-brewed coffee. 
  • Apply the mixture onto your hair and leave it for about an hour. 
  • It will give your hair beautiful chocolate color that is free from any damaging chemicals.

2- Method 2

  • Brew a strong pot of coffee, preferably espresso, and let it cool. 
  • Shampoo as usual and rinse thoroughly.
  • Then pour some of the cooled coffee over your clean hair and massage it into your scalp, along the length, and down to the tips. 
  • Repeat until you have used the whole pot. 
  • Collect your hair into a shower cap and let the coffee work for at least 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with cool water to remove excess coffee. 

If your first application is not as dark as you’d like, you can repeat the process twice a week to layer the color and achieve a more deep and darker hue.

3- Coffee Rinse

coffee rinse for hair color
  • Another more straightforward option is a coffee rinse.
  • Shampoo your hair first, and then pour coffee over your head. 
  • Leave in for 20 minutes. 
  • Use apple cider vinegar to rinse the coffee out of your hair.
  • Then rinse it off with warm water. 

If you are not happy with your results, continue the same process for a few days in a row. This will allow the coffee to penetrate the strands of your hair.

Many people enjoy dying their hair every so often, whether for a new look or to retain an old look (covering pesky grays). Unfortunately, most commercial hair dyes are super toxic and not great to have to touch your skin. They may also do lasting damage to your hair.

As a natural product, the coffee dye doesn’t last as long as a chemical version. It’s perfect for folks looking for a short-term change or who want healthier hair as their primary goal.

4- Coffee Touch Up

Because coffee dye doesn’t last as long as a chemical dye, you may want to touch up your color regularly. To do this:

  • Fill a spray bottle with cooled black coffee, as strong as you can make it.
  • Once a week, mist your hair all over after shampooing. 
  • Let it sit for 10-20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. 

5- Coffee For Hair Growth and Health

To use coffee routinely for hair health and to stimulate growth, make a custom product with: 

  • Take Two parts of your favorite conditioner to one part espresso.
  • Mix until thoroughly combined. 
  • The conditioner should appear brown. 
  • Use the product as usual after shampooing. 
  • Gather your hair into a shower cap for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. 

6- Coffee For Grey Hair 

Coffee Hair Dye Paste For Grey Hair

Grey hair is typically more difficult to dye because it is courser and dryer.

As a follicle ages, it produces less sebum, giving hair its moisture and shine. Coffee, because it stimulates follicles and improves hair health, may be better able to coat stubborn grays.

 If you are attempting to cover grays, it’s best to leave the coffee on your hair for twice as long to give it enough time to moisturize and penetrate the course strands. Remember that coffee is not a permanent dye for any hair.

Coffee Hair Dye Paste For Grey Hair

To make this, you need organic coffee and conditioner. To prepare this, you need a mixing bowl, spoon, wide-toothed comb, and shower cap. Also, grab a pair of gloves and an old towel or shirt to minimize any mess you have to deal with.

  • Brew a cup of around 240 milliliters, or about 8 ounces, of organic coffee. Remember that more vital is better. 
  • Don’t use non-organic coffee because it may contain chemicals that aren’t safe for your hair.
  • Once the brewed coffee turns lukewarm, pour it into a mixing bowl. 
  • Add two tablespoons of organic coffee grounds and two tablespoons of conditioner. You can use three or more tablespoons of these ingredients if you have thick and long hair.
  • Stir the mixture using the spoon. 
  • Don the gloves and cover your shoulders with an old towel or shirt. 
  • Using one hand, scoop a handful of the mixture and apply it to your hair, starting from the scalp.
  • Spread it evenly using the wide-toothed comb. 
  • Keep applying, combing, and massaging your hair until all strands are covered with the mixture. 
  • Tie your hair into a bun, or cover your head with a shower cap to let the conditioner and dye sink in.
  • Leave it there for one hour. 
  • Now, rinse your hair. 
  • No need to use shampoo. 
  • Repeat these steps if you prefer a darker shade. 

Side Effect Of coffee On Hair

coffee hair dye side effects

Before applying anything new to your skin or hair, you should know about its side effects so that they can’t harm you. When it comes to the side effects of coffee hair dye, I have good news for you!

Coffee is all good for your hair. It increases the growth of your strands by providing all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

That’s why coffee does not cause baldness and hair loss. So go ahead and use these methods confidently to dye your hair naturally.

Wrapping Up!

Coffee has been used to darken hair since the old times.

As a hair dye, it’s not as long-lasting as the supposedly permanent dyes. However, coffee won’t damage your hair. It will also help you achieve darker tresses that could last a few washes. Because it’s safe and readily available, you can make and apply it again.

With natural hair dyes like coffee, you don’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals that many coloring products contain.

If you’re not satisfied with the initial results, you can re-try after a week. Feel free to modify the amounts of organic coffee and conditioner.

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