DIY Natural Skincare Routine | Face Cleanser, Toner, Sugar Scrub, Moisturizer

diy natural skincare routine

A specific skincare routine is essential if you want healthy glowing skin inside and out. And What is best than adopting an all-natural skincare routine that provides no harm to your skin but only goodness.

So if you are struggling with how to make your own skincare routine, this article is for your buddy! This is a natural and straightforward DIY skincare routine that includes a face cleanser, toner, sugar scrub, and moisturizer.

DIY Natural Skincare Routine

Today, I’m going to be sharing one of my go-to DIY skincare routines using 100 % natural ingredients. This is the routine I like to do, and I want to simplify and go completely honest; and I think this routine works great for all skin types. So I hope you enjoy it and let’s begin. 

Facial Cleanser

natural skincare routine

I think it’s no secret that one of my favorite natural ingredients to use is raw honey and specifically manuka honey. 

I believe this is one of the clearest examples of the wonderful skincare that nature provides for us.

You don’t have to add anything else to it. It’s effortless, but it’s full of skin benefits. 

And I pretty much use this like I would any other face wash. I just wet my face, and then I slowly massage this into my skin, and I do this for a good thirty seconds or so.

I love using this because it doesn’t strip my skin of its natural oils like other face cleansers tend to do. 

Benefits Of Honey For Natural Skincare Routine

Honey has antibacterial and lightening properties, so it’s great for acne-prone skin, and it helps with any redness and hyperpigmentation I have. On top of that, honey is exceptionally moisturizing.

 So I like to use this whenever my skin is dry, especially during the wintertime. It helps to keep your skin hydrated all day long because it locks in the moisture, and it also adds this gorgeous natural glow to your skin.

So you can rinse it off immediately or leave it on as a mask to get even more benefits. 

Face Scrub In DIY Skincare Routine

making a diy skincare routine

My all-time favorite DIY sugar scrub contains only two ingredients – olive oil and sugar – and usually, I don’t measure anything when I make this.

 I just kind of eyeball it, so I’ll start with a little bit of olive oil. Then I’ll keep adding sugar and mixing until I get the consistency I like. Still, typically it’s a two-to-one ratio of sugar to olive oil.

Olive Oil Benefits For Skin

Aside from being an excellent natural moisturizer, olive oil contains antioxidants. So it helps keep the skin nice and firm.

This scrub will leave your skin feeling amazingly soft. I always say this, but it feels like a brand new layer of skin every single time. Honestly, it’s hard not to touch my face after using this.

 It’s just so soft, and if you’ve ever used this before. You know precisely what I’m talking about, and this also doubles up as a lip scrub. So you get the complete exfoliation experience. 

I know it can be fascinating to use this every day, especially after your skin feels, but you want to be careful with how much you exfoliate. So I only recommend doing this once or twice a week.


how to make a skincare routine

So after cleansing or exfoliating, I like to follow up with one of the best DIY toner, apple cider vinegar, of course, and lately, I’ve been combining it with rose water which smells so wonderful.

 It will immediately boost your mood and give you a sense of peace and calmness. It also helps to mask that strong vinegar scent, which I know many people don’t like. I don’t mind it, and it’s probably just because I’ve been using it for a good ten years.

 So I think I’m used to it, but the great thing about this is you can adjust how strong or light you want this toner. So I would suggest you test it out first and see how much your skin can tolerate, and then you can add more water or vinegar, depending on how your skin reacts.

But both apple cider vinegar and rose water help to balance the skin’s Ph. They reduce redness, and they’re also natural skin softeners. So, overall, it makes an excellent toner.


how to make your own skincare routine

The last step in the DIY skincare routine is to moisturize and just like the rest of the skincare routine.

 I like to keep things very simple: I’ve been using jojoba oil to moisturize my skin for a long time. It mimics your skin’s natural sebum, so that’s why I always say it’s one of the best oils, no matter what your skin type is. 

And I like to take it a step further, and I add a few drops of frankincense essential oil.

 It’s great for acne-prone skin. It also has anti-aging benefits, and I also really love the scent of it. It’s very grounding and relaxing, but feel free to add whatever essential oil you like or whatever your skin needs and a little bit of this moisturizer goes a long way.

 I only need like two or three drops, and that’s more than enough to moisturize my entire face.

Wrapping Up

I have to admit that, after struggling with acne and trying so many different products over the years, I developed the idea that skincare routines needed to be something complicated.

But thankfully, I’ve realized our skin doesn’t need complex products with long lists of ingredients, ingredients that we don’t even know how to pronounce. 

I can honestly say that ever since I started using simple and natural products, my skin has never looked better, and it feels so good to feel comfortable in my skin without wearing any makeup at all.

 So I think the goal should be to nurture our skin, and for me, this routine does precisely that. So I encourage you guys to simplify your skincare routine. 

Maybe try one or two of these tips to begin with and go from there, and I always love hearing your experience, so share it with me in the comment section below.

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