2 Easy Peasy Eyebrow Slit Tutorial To Try Right Now

When it comes to eyebrow styling, the one thing you can count on is an eyebrow slit. So, if you are looking for an eyebrow slit tutorial, welcome lady! You are in the best spot.

While eyebrow slits were once the new style craze in the nineties when celebrities were sporting their eyebrow lines, it is now the latest trend that continues to flourish.

You might have seen how Instagram and Pinterest got bombarded with eyebrow slit trend.

And now Tiktok is the other thing where you have seen many TikTok stars with this vertical cut on their brows.

Eyebrow slashes have been a popular way of shaping or cutting the eyebrow that is usually seen as a statement or fashion trend.

Eyebrow Slit Meaning

So what does an eyebrow slits girl meaning or trend mean?

Well, according to Urbandictionary, eyebrow slit is nothing but shaving vertical lines in eyebrows to get a stylish and trendy look.

While eyebrow slashes are not dangerous, there are things you need to know to keep your eye out for.

Eyebrow slits, which is also known as eyebrow cuts, are a vertical line across the eyebrow.

The reason why people want to do these is that they add length and depth to the eyebrow.

The line usually runs across the eyebrow tip and can either be very shallow or very deep depending on the shape of the eyebrow.

This is very common and looks great on both men and women.

Some may be scared off by the appearance of an eyebrow slit, but in reality, it seems like it is the same as an eyebrow pin but on a much smaller scale.

Some people are lucky enough to have natural eyebrow cuts (fortunate in the sense that they don’t need to put effort to follow this trend ?).

One of my aunt’s girl has brow slit from childhood as she got an injury many years back, and then hairs did not grow on that part.

Eyebrow Slit Tutorial (Get Your Brows Cut At Home)

As I shared how to grow eyelashes naturally here is also an easy peasy method to get your eyebrow slit at home.

But I strongly recommend you to get it from an expert unless you have a steady hand and a brave heart.

eyebrow slit tutorial

Some people say that you can only have a cut on the arch of brows, but I think it’s not true. You can have it anywhere on your eyebrow depending upon your face shape.

It means you can try different styles of eyebrow slits to test which one goes better for you.

And yes, ask your parents first before putting a brow cut. As they may don’t like it or maybe, they help you to get it.

There are two methods to put an eyebrow slit. One is with an electric or manual razor, and the other is with concealer.

Putting Brows Slit With Concealer

If you want an eyebrow cut for some kind of photo shoot or one-time event, then go with the makeup method.

eyebrow slit tutorial with concealer

For this technique, you need

  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow powder
  • Foundation brush
  • Detailing brush
  • Angled makeup brush


  • Firstly, shape your brows with a spoolie or bow comb.
  • To make your eyebrows thicker, use an angled brush and fill your brows with eyebrows powder.

Applying Concealer

  • Apply concealer around the edges of eyebrows and then rub in with your fingers or an applicator brush.
  • Make sure to choose a concealer that matches your skin tone so that the eyebrow slits could also correspond to your skin colour.
  • You can also use foundation alternatively of concealer.

Creating Slits

  • Now dip the detailing brush into the concealer, making sure that the tip is appropriately covered.
  • Select the section of your brows where you want the slit and press the tip of detailing brush on that part.
  • Move the brush up and down to clean the edges and darken the line.
  • Sit under the fan to dry the concealer.
  • To make brows cut more natural, apply a translucent powder over your eyebrows and the slit. Use a flatter foundation brush for this purpose.
  • Complete the rest of your makeup and enjoy!

Putting EyeBrow Slit With Razor

This is a little permanent method of getting eyebrows cut as the hair will take a few weeks to a few months to grow back.

eyebrow cut trend

For this method, you need

  • Electric or manual razors
  • Tweezers
  • White eyeliner pencil
  • Tape


  • Draw a vertical line on your brows with a white eyeliner pencil. You can make up to two lines depending upon your choice.
  • Now place tape on both sides of the vertical line that you just draw. This tape will help you to shave straight lines.

Creating Eyebrow Slit

  • Use your razor to shave the gap between tapes. Make sure that you are moving the razor vertically and softly.
  • It would be best if you hold the clipper perpendicular to your brows.
  • Now remove the tape and wipe off the liner.
  • Use the tweezer to pluck off all the reaming hair on the slit that did not go away with a razor.
  • Repeat the process to create more than one slits.

People Also Ask

What does a slit in your eyebrow mean?

A slit in an eyebrow could indicate an injury, or nowadays, it is a fashion statement. Both men and girls cut a vertical line in their eyebrows to follow this fashion trend.

What does two slits in your eyebrow mean?

Two slits in the eyebrow did not have a specific meaning. You can get as many slits in your eyebrow as you want, depending upon the thickness of your brows or your face’s shape.

Which eyebrow should I slit?

You can slit any eyebrow which you want. But an eyebrow cut looks more attractive on a thick brow.

Key Takeaway

Eyebrow slits are the thin vertical cuts in your brows that make you look cool. The trend first popularized by hip hop stars in the ’90s. And now it is storming the internet again.

You can make brow cuts on your own eyebrows with a little courage and practice.

Remember that eyebrow slits can make your brow’s end look very thin. So firstly, cut only one slit and then decide if you want more or not.

I hope you find this article helpful. If so, then share it on your social to let your friends follow the trend.

Still, got any questions? Feel free to ask in comments. Or you can also follow me on social media.

Stay Trendy ✌


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