7 Common Face Wash Mistakes That You Did Not Know About

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting that dreamy, glowing face after following a skincare regimen? You are applying every home remedy to get clear skin, from applying cleansers to moisturizers to face masks, but your face is still dull? The answer is maybe your face wash routine. It might sound weird, but some common face wash mistakes can stop you from getting that younger, fresh face.

Common Face Washing Mistakes

If you make mistakes while washing your face, it can lead to excessive oiliness, dryness, or even breakouts. That’s why pay particular attention to your face wash routine and avoid the following face wash mistakes if you want better clearer skin.

Using Soap Instead Of Face Wash

common mistakes you make when washing your face

First thing first, the most common mistake that I have witnessed is using soap to wash your face instead of a face wash.

Always use a face wash according to your specific skin type. 

You should avoid using soap on your skin because it is a harsh surfactant that indiscriminately removes good lipids while removing sebum or dirt. That results in the breakdown of the skin’s natural moisture barrier, allowing water to pass out of the skin more quickly, making it severely dry. Besides this, soap strips the skin of its natural oils and makes it tight and dry. We get many neutral face washes that work well, so pick the right face wash and use that. 

Washing Face Too Often

face wash mistakes

The second is washing the face too frequently.

Especially if you have oily and acne-prone skin, you tend to wash your face too frequently because of the excessive shine and oiliness on your face. But stop doing this; you are making your skin worse.

Especially people who have oily skin and, you know, have a lot of acne.

Wash your face only twice a day. If it’s still early afternoon and you feel your face very oily. Just splash cold water, but do not apply a face wash.

This is because our defense mechanism from the brain causes rebounds to create oil when the face becomes very oily.

So, if you wash your face very frequently, that is excess oil secretion because the brain feels the face very dry and secretes extra oil. So avoid doing that. 

To reduce excess sebum production, don’t over wash your face. Instead, you can try some home remedies to combat this situation.

On the other hand, if you are blessed with dry skin, washing your face once a day is more than enough. In this scenario, wash your face at night as it will remove all the pollutants and dirt gathered on your face during the day.

Still, it would help if you cleansed your face in the morning if you are washing your face twice a day. This will helps to get rid of any residue from products applied before bed and the natural oils that accumulate overnight.

Washing Your Face In The Shower

face washing mistakes

The third face wash mistake that you are making is washing your face during the shower and there are arguments about face wash in the shower. It might be tempting to multitask and rinse the face during the bath, but you should not do it.

For the shower, you use hot water, but it did a lot of harm to your face. Especially if you have acne or rosacea, hot water will make your face appear red and flushed. 

Also, hot water makes your skin dry, which in turn asks your glands to produce more oil to combat that dryness.

A better practice is to wash your face post-shower. It will remove any residues of products like shampoo or conditioners from your face. Try to use tap water.

Washing Your Face In Hurry

washing face wrong

The fourth mistake that you make while face wash is rinsing it quickly.

Many of you are in a quick hurry, and you wanted to wash your face as quickly as possible and run, and you apply face wash only on a few exposed areas.

That’s a mistake because then you’re removing the dead cells and the grease and dust only from those exposed areas and not the rest of the face. So I would advise taking the face wash on the tip of your fingers.

Start from your chin, move upwards nicely form and apply it everywhere. I know it takes a few seconds, but that helps clean up the entire face.

So clean up up your nose, your eyes. Do not worry. It doesn’t harm your eyes in any way. Apply it up there on your forehead and come back the same way downwards. 

  • Splash it with lots of cold water. 
  • Dab It dry. 
  • Use your sunscreen.

You Use Scrub For Face Wash

common face wash mistakes

You might use a scrub for the face wash purpose, but a face wash is different, and facial scrubs are different. They are meant to be used twice a week for oily skin and once a week generally.

Scrubs actually exfoliate the skin, and doing that daily may not give you good healthy skin, so avoid doing that. 

Over-exfoliation leads to flakiness, dryness, and irritation. That’s why scrub only once a week or twice a week.

Using Towels To Dry Your Face

common face wash mistakes

After washing your face, let it pat dry. Don’t use towels or wash clothes as it might transfer bacteria to your face, causing breakouts and acne. Also, drying your face with rubbing will remove proteins, fatty acids, and lipids that protect your skin from irritation. That will make your face more fragile consequently.

You Don’t Remove The Makeup Properly

common face wash mistakes

If you think washing your face with a facial cleanser is enough for removing makeup, think again! Simply washing your face isn’t enough; you need to wipe the makeup off with makeup wipes and then wash your face with an appropriate cleanser as soon as possible.

After rinsing the cleanser, use a facial sponge to wipe your skin thoroughly. Then pat dries your face and apply any cream or moisturizer soon afterward.

Applying moisturizer after a face wash is compulsory even if you have oily skin. It will lock in the hydration.

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