How To Use Fenugreek Seeds For Hair

What are some fenugreek benefits for hair? It fights hair fall, reduces baldness, hair thinning, replenishes hair growth, is an excellent source of protein for your hair, and is a natural moisturizer that increases shine.

Fenugreek is an age-old remedy to treat hair fall and promote more extended, more robust, shinier hair. 

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Below are the four ways to use fenugreek seeds for healthy, strong hair.

How To Use Fenugreek Seeds For Faster Hair Growth

  • Add 3 tbsp of fenugreek seeds with 2 cups of hot water. 
  • Cover and leave it on overnight. During this time, fenugreek seeds will swell, and the water will thicken and become slightly slimy.  
  • Separate the water from the seeds. 

1- Fenugreek Seeds Hair Mask

fenugreek seeds for hair mask

To make a fenugreek hair mask:

  1. Blend the soaked seeds in a blender for a smooth paste.
  2. Add 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil to the fenugreek paste.
  3. Mix well and apply it on the scalp and hair 30 mins before hair wash.

 The mask will improve scalp health and make your hair grow stronger. 

Use the soaked fenugreek water as a hair rinse to condition, nourish, and add shine. After hair wash, spray the water all over your hair.

Leave it on for 5 mins and rinse off with plain water. Fenugreek hair oil helps to promote hair growth, treat hair fall and moisturize dry hair

Fenugreek Seeds Hair Oil For Hair Loss

2- First Recipe

  • Add 2-3 Tbsp of fenugreek powder along with 1/4 cup of coconut oil and 1/4 cup of black castor oil.
  • Mix well and massage the oil for 5-10 mins. 
  • Leave it on for 30 mins before hair wash.

3- Second Recipe

  1. Firstly take 2/3, a cup of fenugreek seeds because fenugreek seeds are the stars of this and show they help promote hair growth.
  2. Secondly, Add 3/4 a cup of extra virgin olive oil because it helps penetrate the hair shaft to seal in moisture. It stimulates growth, and it blocks DHT, which causes hair loss.
  3. Then add 1/3 a cup of sweet almond oil because my hair loves this stuff. It helps soft in my hair, and it helps with sealing in all the moisture. 
  4. Next, add 1/3 a cup of castor oil because it thickens your hair and promotes hair growth.
  5. Now, add some pure vitamin E oil because it stimulates capillary growth, supports hair growth, and boosts your hair’s elasticity and shine. 
  6. Finally, add some peppermint oil to this mix, which stimulates your hair follicles results in healthy new hair growth.
  7. Now top this fenugreek seed concoction off with a little bit more extra virgin olive oil. 
  8. Shake it up and then let everything infuse in a dark place for six weeks, and then this vinegar exceeds growth oil will be ready to use in six weeks. 

Application Of Fenugreek Seeds For Hair

You can use this oil in three different ways. The first way is as a pre-poo treatment or hot oil treatment. 

  • Start with using DIY fenugreek spray, the recipe of which is given below in this article. 
  • Layer some conditioner on, and then apply the oil to fill in the moisture.
  • Do this to every single section of your hair.
  • Once you have done that, apply just a bit of conditioner and more oil.
  • Then put your hair in a plastic cap and sit under a hairdryer for about 30 to 45 minutes so that all of this good stuff could penetrate your hair strands. 

The second way that you can use this is as a sealant during your moisturizing sill process.

  • For this purpose, use rosewater. 
  • Use it as a leave-in conditioner, and you can also use the Shea Moisture leave-in milk.  
  • Take a dropper, and apply it directly to your scalp.
  • Then use vanity planet scout massager to give you a nice long massage for about, let’s, say, 10 to 15 minutes, and that’s it. 

4- Fenugreek Seeds Hair Spray For Hair Growth And Hair Loss

fenugreek seeds for hair loss
  • Grab a bowl, fenugreek seeds, cool water. 
  • Once you have your water and fenugreek seeds set up, stir everything together. 
  • Leave this soaking for at least 12 hours overnight. The fenugreek seeds will swell, increase in size. 
  • The water that the seeds are soaking in that’s what you will save, add to a spray bottle and apply to your hair. 
  • Apply all over your scalp and strands for gray hair; it will penetrate your strands, strengthen them, reduce hair fall, and promote more robust, thicker hair.

I usually use this fenugreek spray as a leave-in; you can use it as a tea rinse and style your hair as usual.

This spray lasts one week, and I used it three times in one week, every other day. If you want to store this, keep it in your refrigerator, and it lasts for about one week. 

To Sum Up!

If you are battling hair loss, please try these natural ways to use fenugreek seeds for hair and let me know your results. Let me know in the comments below are you going to try these recipes? If you are, please let me know and leave your feedback! 

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