20 Heart Stealing Haircuts For Long Hair

good haircuts for long hair

Most of the girls want long hair, and they want new haircut without cutting the length of the hairs. Hairstyles play an essential role in making a person look stylish. If you want a good haircut for long hair without reducing the length of your hair, you should read it.

Your look matters a lot, and your hairs can change your personality. Sometimes people like the long hairs, but they don’t know how to style the hairs and which hairstyles suit them.

A haircut can change your style and enhance your personality. I have long hair, and I was scared to cut my hair off because I don’t know the name of the haircuts.

As time passed now I know about some good haircuts for long hair. And In this article, I am going to share my top picks.

Here are some haircuts that can enhance your personality.

Big On Bangs

bangs haircut for long hair

If you want a haircut but don’t want to cut off your hair’s length, then I suggest you take this haircut. Hair bangs can change your look completely and helps you to look stylish.

This hairstyle is very good and changes a person’s personality. This hair cut will trim your fringes and make you look prettier.

Bra Strap Length with Flipped Layers

bra strap length layer

Did you want Flyaway hair? Does split end? Grab the layered hairstyle to the intense to battle all your hair problems stylishly. This hairstyle is suitable for medium and long hairs. It gives the volume into your strands if you have thin strands.

Straight Hair

straight haircut for long hair

A few months ago, glossy hair with a sharp end was very in, and everybody wants that look. This hairstyle is usually spotted for short hairs, but long hairs also use this haircut. But this haircut does not suit everybody. This hair cut will reduce the volume of your hair.

Multi-Layered mix

multi layered mix hair cut
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Every woman wants silky and smooth hair. Your hairs need a regular haircut so that they grow easily. This haircut suits the average length and long length. This haircut suits long and round face shape.

Waist-Length Brunette Hair with Textured Layers

waist-length brunette hair with textured layers

It is hard to care for long hairs because it requires more maintenance and attention. Using thinning clippers to merge each part’s ends, your stylist can create a flow in your hairs.


u cut for long hair

I take this hair cut many times. It enhances your look, and it suits everybody. You can take this hair cut either; you have long hair or middle length hairs. This hair cut adds volume into your hair. It looks beautiful on straight hair. It is so easy to cut this haircut; it has no risk.

Choppy layers

choppy layers for long hair

A choppy Layer is a form of layered haircut. In this haircut involves a lot of layers that quit your hairs with a bouncy and bushy look. This haircut gives the volume and fluffy texture to your flat hairs. If anybody already has curly or wavy hair, then this haircut will look more attractive because it already has texture into your hairs.

Long Waves

long waves haircut

Healthy layers look more charming and attractive, but it requires healthy hairs. If you don’t have dense hairs, then the long hairs can sometimes seem dull. You can style your hair with casual beach waves, and the ponytail on those hairs looks more charming.

Front Cut

front cut hairstyle

This type of haircut is perfect for square shaped face or broad forehead. This haircut is also called chic hairstyle, with parted flicks on the back and front. It gives you a casual or charming look.

You can make different hairstyles with this haircut like you can do a braid with a little twist, and high ponytail. It gives you an elegant look without cutting the length of your hair.

Short, Medium, And Long Layer

layers haircut for long hair

Layers are the easiest way to look your long hair beautiful. You can take this hair cut according to your hair length.

If you take multi-layer haircut, then it is easy to make hairstyles. You can make messy buns, messy braids, and ponytails.

Long V-Cut Layers

v cut layers for long hair

V cut looks classic on women with long hair. This hair cut gives a beautiful look to your hair.

This haircut looks elegant with straight hairs and also with a curly or wavy texture.

Long Hair with Subtle Layers

long hair with subtle layers

This layered cut is invisible as they blend smoothly. This cut is perfect for those who don’t want to cut off the length of hair.

Some More Good Layer Cuts For Long Hair

Long Layered Light Chocolate Brown Cut

If you have thick hair, then the “V” shaped cut is perfect for you because it enhances your hair and takes a chocolate brown hair color on your hairs it looks fabulous.

Messy Cut with Chopped Long Layers

Chopped randomly to the hairs, this haircut is like a messy look, and I prefer to style your hair in loose waves.

Soft Swoopy Layers

If you want to give a structure to your long and straight hairs, then tell your hairstyler that adds many vague layers to it.

Waist-Length Blonde Hair with Choppy Layers

 Did you feel that your hair is heavy? If you want to keep your hair long, then try choppy layers. Choppy layers can’t reduce your hair length but light the weight of your hair.

Extra Long Cut with Face-Framing Feathers

This face-framing a feathered haircut is perfect according to your face shape. Caramel-brown highlights layered for long hairs as the merge of warm and cool tones bring the layers steps.

Your hairs can grow more and more if you trim your hair every month.

Swoopy Flipped Layers for Long Hair

Graduated haircuts are suitable for women who have dry and damaged hair. Don’t worry about your hair because this haircut promotes hair health.

Cutting sections can remove the frizzy hair and split ends without cutting too much length. 

Classic Layers for Volume and Bounce

Did you want your hairs to swing as you move? Long hairs with layers make your looks complete and let your hair blend and make fluent styles. Make the loose curls that enhance your look.

Extra Long Layered Cut for Thick Hair

Rough, thick hair is textured and multi-pronged. Curling the hair locks thin and coarse hairs and cut the strands in layered and style it in loose waves, this adds the depth and volume in hairs.

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