5 Things You Are Doing Wrong When Applying Hair Oil

hair oiling mistakes

A few benefits of oiling your hair regularly are that it offers deep nourishment to your strands and heals your scalp from bacteria and infections. Oiling not only promotes hair growth but also adds shine, luster, and softness to dull hair. However, you may oil your hair often, but you could be committing a few mistakes post-your hair massage that could come in the way of all these benefits. 

Common Hair Oiling Mistakes

Let’s talk about five common mistakes we all make in our daily lives when we apply hair oil.

does oiling damage hair

1- Applying Oil Directly To Hair

So the # 1 mistake while applying hair oil is that we rub some hair oil on our palms and then directly apply it on our hair.

This is the wrong thing to do. Hair oil should be applied to your scalp and then gently massage. This, because the hair oil will nourish our scalp. Only when the hair oil is used on the scalp., The hair oil will also moisturize the scalp, which will make the hair healthy and keep a lot of other hair problems at bay.

 So the first mistake was not applying hair oil to your scalp, and if you do not make this mistake, then it is perfect. 

2- Applying Hair Oil To Dirty Scalp

The # 2 mistake We all make is applying hair oil on dirty scalp and hair. Our scalp has dirt and pollution collected from the day, but we still use the hair oil on the dirty scalp, which is not healthy.

Think about it. If your scalp is dirty and applies hair oil on the scalp, then all the dirt is stuck to your scalp. And it might block the pores as well. It would help if you remembered that whenever you apply hair oil.

 Please clean your scalp or wash your hair before applying hair oil. 

3- Not Massaging The Oil

The 3rd thing we are doing wrong while using hair oil is that we are not massaging the oil, Especially men, who apply hair oil daily Without massaging their scalp. 

In reality, applying hair oil is only beneficial if you massage your scalp when applying as that is how the blood flow is increased to the scalp, and hair follicles are stimulated.

So always remember to massage your scalp after applying hair oil for about 1-2 minutes. This will help the hair oil seep into your pores to the roots and increase the blood circulation to the scalp, which will help hair growth.

4- Applying Too Much Hair Oil

is over oiling bad for hair

If you apply a little hair oil, the amount required – and if you apply a lot of hair oil, it will pretty much work the same. It will not be that the more hair oil you apply, the better the results are.

Only apply as much as your scalp can absorb the hair oil. If you feel that the hair oil is dripping from your hair, a lot of oil is sticking to your hand. Then you have applied too much. So only apply as per your requirement.

 The more oil you apply, the more shampoo you would need to wash it off. The more shampoo you use might cause damage to your hair in the long run. So apply enough hair oil to moisturize your scalp, and that’s it.

Just like when you apply face cream, you do not apply so much that it shows, the same we have to do with our scalp. Just apply as per requirement. 

5- Applying Hair Oil Daily

As you know already, if you apply hair oil daily, when you step out of home, all the dirt and pollution will stick to your hair and scalp. This will block your scalp pores, which will never lead to healthy hair and might be damaged further due to the dirt and pollution.

 So if you want shiny hair and not dull and dry hair, you can take 2-3 drops of hair oil in your hand and then dab them on your hair. Please do not apply hair oil on your scalp daily, as it will block your pores and will never lead to healthy hair.

Wrapping Up

So these were five common mistakes which we make while applying hair oil. 

My last tip is that you need to wash your hair with shampoo with every hair oil application, remove all the dirt and pollution, and excess oil from your scalp, And please do not apply hair oil daily. Just apply two times a week. 

And always massage your scalp. Never forget to massage, as it is incredibly healthy for your hair. A bonus tip would be to apply hair oil one night before your shampoo, as this is very important for your hair. 

If you are short of time, then apply hair oil 2-3 hours before washing your hair. Also, remember to use a sulfate paraben-free shampoo. This will help you get healthy hair.

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