Hand Care Tips In Winters | Are You Prepared For Winters 2021

hand care tips in winter

Are your hands prepared for winter 2021? If not, why you shouldn’t get some hand care tips in winters at your fingertips? Okay, so before you ask me why you need to take care of your hands in icy chills, let me tell you some quick facts.

The skin of your hands is delicate, sensitive, and particularly thin. That’s why cold wind and air affects them easily. And as a result of this, you get dry and chapped hands.

Besides hands, lips are also easily gets dried by exposure to cold icy winds. I have also shared some home remedies to get rid of dry, chapped lips.

Winters come with the ideas of heated living rooms, colorful blankets, hot coffee, and books. But it also brings an increase in dryness besides decreasing temperature. That’s why our skin becomes dry with the icy chills of winters.Β 

Enjoy the crisp autumn air but prepare your hands for the onset of winter. Add your hand care routine during winters in your primary skincare schedule because they give your first impression of whether you are shaking hands with someone or just waving.

Hand Care Tips In Winter At Home

hand care tips in winter at home

Don’t let the winter carries away the smoothness and moisture of your hands. Prevent them from drying out with these hand care tips in winter at home.

Protect Your Hands With Clothing

The first thing to protect your hands from harsh cold air is protective clothing. Find out your gloves or mittens.

hand care tips at home

Particularly make sure to wear gloves after washing chores. But before putting on gloves, apply a moisturizing cream on your hands. Massage it on your palms, back of the hands, nails, and cuticles. So that it will penetrate your skin, making it smooth and soft.

Wear mittens or warm gloves before going outside every time. If you are not comfortable with warm gloves, surgical rubber gloves are also a good alternative because they protect your hands from exposure to the dry, chilly wind.

Humidify Air Manually

Do you know your heated living room is also making your hands dry and scaly? Yes! Heaters are also removing moisture and humidity from the air. To keep your hand moisturized and baby soft these winters, place a water bowl in the room near the heater.Β 

how to take care of hands

To introduce a magnificent fragrance in your space, you can place rose water in the room. Or add aromatic essential oil in the water bowl. This will also work as aromatherapy.

Avoid Over Washing Your Hands

Hand washing several times a day helps to get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses. And in these days of COVID-19, washing your hands often is promoted.

how to get rid of dry hands

But I suggest you manage your hand washing routine in such a way to kill only harmful viruses and bacteria. Instead of over-washing, go with waterless hand sanitizing gels.Β 

Don’t let handwashing swipe oil from your hands. Some bacteria are present on our skin to improve skin health, but over-washing can kill them.Β 

Another thing that you need to keep in mind during winter is the water temperature during hand washing. Don’t use hot water to increase your skin; instead of this, use Luke warm water.

Also, hands become scaly and rough during dishwashing. To prevent this, add a few drops of almond oil in your dishwater. Almond oil will seal the moisture, and water will soften rough skin.

Also, spray a mist of vinegar on your hands after you wash your dishes. Spraying vinegar on your hands also helps to get rid of the cooking smell.

Massage/ Moisturize Your Hands

To nourish and moisturize your hand’s skin, use a natural hand cream or shea butter or coconut oil several times a day. Also, massage your hands at night with any natural moisturizer.Β 

hand care tips

If you want to protect your skin from harsh cold weather, don’t buy moisturizers or hand creams that contain petroleum. Instead, you can make your very own DIY winter hand cream at home. Mix a bit of honey and unsalted butter with nettle or clots foot.Β 

Apply the moisturizer at night and then wear gloves for maximum results.

While massaging your hands, apply the cream on the back of the hand first. Then, starting from the tip, work down each fingerβ€”massage on the fingers’ joints in circular movements.Β 

For massaging your hands, go all-natural with almond oil and several drops of rosemary essential oil. It will lock the moisture and keep your hands hydrated. Besides this, massage your hands with olive oil for 10 minutes to keep them soft and hydrated.

Do Exfoliation

Exfoliating your hands is as necessary as exfoliating your face. You may not consider exfoliation for your hands, but believe me, if you pay some extra attention to your hands, they will defiantly reward you.Β 

homemade hand scrub

Exfoliation will remove dead, dry skin and reveal fresh skin. One option to do exfoliation at home is to mix coconut oil and sugar.

Another way to make a homemade scrub for soft hands is by grinding one cup of uncooked rolled oats. Grind them until it becomes a fine powder. Place the powder in a large bowl and then gently rub your hands in it. After this, wash your hands with cold water and apply any hand cream.Β 

To get rid of rough, scaly hands, take a small amount of salt in the palm, and add olive oil into it. Then rub both hands together. Rinse off with warm water. Wear cotton gloves after washing them.

Stay Away From Harsh Substances

All your hand care routine will be in vain if you use harsh substances on them. Stay away from chemicals based hand care products. Go with all-natural products; otherwise, you will make your hands dull and dry in winters. Don’t use products that contain β€˜alcohol’ or β€˜parabens’ as they can damage your fragile winter skin.

Include those ingredients that provide natural moisture to your hands and nails. Natural elements such as coconut and olive oil maintain your skin’s natural barrier and lock moisture inside it. Honey is also an effective ingredient to take care of your hands and nails in winters.

Apply Homemade Hand Masks

Applying a homemade mask is one of the most effective hand care tips in winter at home.Β 

homemade hand mask

The simplest and easiest hand mask to take care of hands and nails at home is to mash boiled potatoes and mix it with milk. This humble hand pack will do wonders for your skin.

Another way to make a hand mask at home is to mix one egg yolk, one lemon juice, few drops of rose water, two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, and one tablespoon glycerine.Β 

To add essential vitamins and quick moisture to your hands, apply few lemon juice drops on them. Thanks, me later πŸ˜‰

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