How To Make Homemade Eyebrow Gel

Do you have rough and thick eyebrows and want to shape them instantly before going out? Do you want to make your eyebrow gel at home? If yes, then stay tuned as in this article, I’m going to share three ways to make homemade eyebrow gel easily and instantly.

Homemade Tinted Eyebrow Gel Recipe

This DIY is probably the easiest DIY of life, no joke for one. I’m going to be sharing with you how to make your DIY tinted eyebrow gel.

It’s super easy, and once you do this, you probably won’t want to buy a brow gel ever again.

You can either do clear brow gel, or you could do tinted eyebrow gel. Whatever floats your boat, it’s really up to you. 

How To Make Homemade Eyebrow Gel
  • You can use an old eyebrow gel container or even mascara. With the mascara, you are going to have to clean it out.
  • I would suggest using peroxide, let it sit overnight, or even for a few hours. 
  • Use any gel of your choice. And it would help if you had some tweezers, some eyeshadow for a tinted brow gel if you need that.
  • I used dark brown because I have dark hair. The first thing you want to try to do is get the little black stopper out of the mascara tube. Most makeup containers have a little black stopper that prevents any excess product from coming out.
  • Use a pair of tweezers for this purpose. So next, please take a little bit of eyeshadow to match your hair color. 
  • Then mix that in with the gel.
  • To get the product into the tube, use the little mascara wand and insert it into the tube.
  • Don’t make it any more difficult than it has to be. It can be a little bit messy, but you will eventually get the product in the tube; that’s what matters.
  • And there you have is your own DIY tinted brow gel. 

So well, another option is: you can make your tinted eyebrow gel by just mixing a little bit of mineral pigment in with the aloe vera gel and using that.

Natural Eyebrow Gel DIY With Aloe Vera

I have long wild eyebrows, and in the morning, they are going every which way. So I need to brush them and tame them into place, or else they look a little bit crazy.

So I wanted to find a natural alternative to eyebrows gel, and that’s when I discovered that aloe vera makes an amazingly unique eyebrow gel.

  • The first thing you’ll need is some Aloe Vera.
  • Then you’ll also need a spoolie or a clean mascara wand. You know, just something to apply the eyebrow gel to your eyebrows. 
  • And now take a knife and cut off a little bit of the aloe and get that gel in there, and then you can take your spoolie directly onto the plan.
  • Just get some of the gel-like to go ahead and apply the aloe vera gel to your eyebrows.

So I like using this aloe Vera gel as an eyebrow gel because it keeps your eyebrows in place.

Yet, it doesn’t make them hard or sticky or stiff or flaky. It just feels really clean and natural, and it works. I’ve been using aloe vera gel to tame these wild beasts lately, and I love it. 

DIY Eyebrow Gel With Castor Oil

If you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows or watch your eyebrows grow in a bit thicker.

What you can do is mix half castor oil and half aloe vera gel and then apply that to your eyebrows before you go to bed at night.

In a few weeks, you’ll notice that your hair is growing back faster and a lot thicker because castor oil is excellent for hair growth.

DIY Eyebrow Gel At Home

The things your need is straightforward. You just going to need some hair gel and some old mascara tubes. I recommend that you use non-waterproof mascaras, so it’s easier to clean. Now that you have those two items let’s get started. Instead of washing your mascara tube underwater, which is problematic, just take out the stopper. Add a one-on-one ratio of hydrogen peroxide and water and let that sit overnight, as I described earlier. Also, don’t forget to wash your mascara wand well.

Now get your hair gel. I use the soft type because I don’t want the idea of hard eyebrows, but if you’re, ok with that, then use a more rigid gel-type, whatever you want. Fill your clean mascara tube up with that hair gel, and then put your stopper back in. It’s effortless to do; press it back in and put your wand in there, and there you have your brow gel powers.

You could always add brown eyeshadow to your brow gel if you want. Use it like you would any brow gel, and there you have it.

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