How Can I Treat Dysmenorrhea Naturally?

You can manage menstrual cramps aka dysmenorrhea with some amazing home remedies and natural ways and the following article is going to share all of these with you in case you are wondering How can I treat dysmenorrhea naturally?

When you’re menstruation, you’re likely to experience pain in your abdomen, lower back, and thighs.

The muscles of your womb contract and relax during your period to assist remove built-up lining. Cramping occurs from time to time, indicating that your muscles are working.

So If you are struggling with periods pain and want to treat it naturally you are at the right place.

I always said that coping with a problem naturally is the excellent thing you can do because you have no fear of side effects if you try home remedies for periods pain.

I have gathered the 28 best home remedies for you to treat dysmenorrhea naturally.

28 Ways To Treat Dysmenorrhea Naturally

how to treat dysmenorrhea naturally

Now your periods are never going to make you homesick as you can treat Dysmenorrhea by following the given natural ways.

  1. Use a heating pad or heat water bottle on your low abdomen.
  2. Start taking fruits and maximum water before the starting of periods.
  3. You can take cinnamon tea before one or two days of your period to prevent period cramps. Make cinnamon tea by adding one-fourth teaspoon of cinnamon powder in half cup of hot water. Let it sit-up for five minutes, add some honey into it and sip it slowly.
  4. Take a hot bath. It will help you in cramps.
  5. Try to relax your self. Engage yourself in activities that wipes your stress.
  6. Go to bed. Take maximum sleep.
  7. Quit smoking and alcohol consumption.
  8. On a personal note, taking high-quality fish oil brings a massive difference in menstrual pain.
  9. Do some physical exercise, yoga, etc. but do not do a lot of it.
  10. Drink loads of water.
  11. Massage your low abdomen and lower back with heat oil.
  12. Avoid sugar and fats containing foods.
  13. You can take some bites of dark chocolate throughout the day. Don’t overeat.
  14. Eat vegetables and fruits.
  15. Wear loose-fitting clothes before and during your periods. It will give you a sense of relaxation.
  16. Eat plenty of salads and high fiber foods.
  17. Eliminate salt from your diet.
  18. Take vitamin supplements daily.
  19. Eat more fish and chicken.
  20. Raise your legs or lay with knees bent.
  21. Take noncaffeinated tea. It will give you a heating effect.
  22. Ginger helps effectively in easing menstrual cramps.
  23. Add one teaspoon of basil leaves in one cup of boiling water. Allow it to cool. Taking this water will help you.
  24. Swallowing fenugreek seeds also helps in period cramps.
  25. Drink warm fluids like warm water or milk.
  26. Papaya is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Including papaya in your diet minimize pain.
  27. Consuming flaxseeds reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps. You can take one or two spoons of flaxseeds during periods or can sprinkle it on your salads.
  28. Mix turmeric with egg and cook it with butter and a little sugar. It will reduce your pain amazingly.

If the above things are not helping you to overcome your menstruation cramps. Then I would suggest you visit your gynecologist/ health care provider and describe your problem to her. As she is the best, she can help you with your menstrual cycle and cure period pain, endometriosis through medications, and other procedures.

Wrapping Up!

You may have periods without any single symptom of dysmenorrhea, as I have periods in my teens without a little pain. My period was super smooth in my teens as I used to eat healthy fruits at that age, but now some pain is associated with it, and I guess it is because I’m on dieting.

And I somehow overcome these pains by practicing home remedies that I shared with you above in this article because sharing is caring. Just take a healthy diet and the right amount of water and enjoy every day of your life, whether it is your period or not.

Share this article with other ladies whom you love and really care about health. Also, share your experience of period pain with me in the comments section, also upgrade my list of home remedies if you have other than the discussed.

Have happy pain-free periods ❤

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