How To Get Grease Out Of Hair Without Washing In 2021

Greasy hair can become a problem if you don’t manage and treat them carefully. How to get grease out of hair without washing In 2021? Here are the seven easy ways to get rid of oily strands.

I must say waking up with oily strands is the initial of my bad day.

You can not put your favorite hairstyles with oil in hairs. Besides prohibiting from styling, greasy hair can cause fungal production and itching.

Sometimes you cant shampoo your hair or deep conditioning them to remove grease, and also you had to expose your hair then what to do?

Luckily, there are some home remedies to get rid of greasy hair that is truly magical.

I am blessed with oily skin and scalp too! That’s why most of the time, my hair becomes greasy even if I washed them a day before.

The natural oil production in your head makes the hair shiny, strong, and healthy. But having too much of them is irritating tho!

Since greasy hair is a combined problem, let’s see how to eliminate them without washing them daily.

Home Remedies To Get Grease Out Of Your Hair

Here are the best ways to remove oil from your hair at home, even without washing.

Dry Shampoo

get rid of greasy hair

Dry shampooing your hair is among the best home remedy for greasy hair. It freshens up your strands by adding a scented touch to them.

Moreover, It gives your hair a clean look and dries out oil from hair. 

The process is straightforward. Just spray the product on your roots and wait for a minute. Then rub it in and use a brush out. And You are all done. Enjoy!

DIY Dry Shampoo

You can also make dry shampoo on your own. Get some baby powder or corn starch and mix cocoa powder with it. And your DIY dry shampoo is ready.

Skip Moisturizing Products

how to take grease out of hair

When you already have oily hair, skip the added moisture.  

Greasy hair means your body is already producing enough oils to make your hair healthy, so don’t invest and use moisturizing creams and leave-in conditioners. 

Keep Your Hands Away From Hair

how to get grease out of hair naturally

Do not play with your hairs if you are blessed with an oily scalp. The more you run fingers through them, the worse they look. Itching frequently draws more oil to your strands and excessive oil production.


Touching and brushing hair frequently excite oil glands.

Stay Natural

how to get rid of grease out of hair fast

Here I’m sharing a personal experience with you beauties. Stay away from styling products like straightening irons and blow dryers because they can make your hair greasy faster.

Whenever I let my hair dry out naturally, I always witness volume and bounce in them. And of course, oil-free!

Corn Starch With Cocoa Powder

how do you get grease out of hair

Don’t have dry shampoo? No Worries! Head to your kitchen and grab some corn starch. Mix corn starch with cocoa powder and add it to your roots. Rub it very well, and you are good to go!

Baby Powder

get rid of greasy hair baby powder

If you don’t happen to find corn starch in your kitchen, a baby powder also works well, by the way.

Baby powder is used for removing grease out of hair from ages.

All you need to do is to sprinkle it in your roots and rubbing well to get rid of greasy hair.

Blotting Paper To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair

get rid of greasy hair without dry shampoo

Do you want to remove oil from your hair in one swipe? Blotting paper is best for this. 

You can get rid of greasy hair anywhere and anytime with these little sheets. 

Take a portion of your hair and swipe the blotting paper along with the roots and scalp. 

Grease, be gone!

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