If you want to know how to get perfect loose waves overnight using no heat, keep reading. As in this article, I will share the three easiest ways to get heatless wavy hair overnight.

Wavy Hair Overnight Routine

To start, you’ll need a robe belt and four hair ties. You could probably use knee socks or tights as long as whatever you use is relatively thick, so the curls don’t turn out too tight. You also want to make sure whatever you’re using is at least twice as long as your hair since it has to go on both sides.

Wavy hair Overnight Routine
  • Firstly, center the robe belt on your head.
  • Take a segment of hair at the top of your head about the size of a section you would normally curl and twist it around the robe belt.
  • Make sure you’re not pulling the section too hard to the point that the hair at the top of your head is completely flat. It’ll be nearly impossible to get the volume back at the base in the morning if you do.
  • After you twist that section around the belt, grab a section of the same size below it and join it with the previous section.
  • Twist it around the belt again, tighter this time. The sections after the first can be pulled tight around the belt, but the first just need to be a little loose so that you can have the volume at the top.
  • Continue doing this – grabbing a section adding it to the previous one, and Twisting it around the robe belt until eventually, it’s all just one thick section of hair.
  • This is super simple, and if you try to overcomplicate it, it will turn out bad.
  • For the last section, wrap everything around the robe belt until you run out of hair.
  • Keep twisting downwards and make sure no sections are overlapping.
  • Before securing with a hair tie, To ensure everything’s tight, Twist everything outwards before tying it into a bun.
  • All done.
  • Time for bed.
  • The next morning, remove all the hair ties.
  • After you’ve taken out all of the hair ties, gently unravel the hair.
  • Do not try to pull down everything at once.
  • Untwist everything in the opposite order that you twisted section by section like you’re rewinding, the process.
  • After you remove the robe belt, you can start separating the curls, loosening the waves.
  • You can fluff it out. However, you see fit.
  • Finally, spray hairspray to keep the waves locked in place, And that concludes this heatless wavy hair overnight routine.

Wavy Hair Overnight Hacks

For this heatless waves method, you need to dampen the ends of your hair, and to do so, use some water. Then apply hair serum if you are afraid of hair loss. Let it dry before doing the no heat curl method. Make sure this stuff is entirely absorbed before doing anything else.

Wavy Hair Overnight Hacks

Once it is dry, you can use some soft hold mousse. This is optional, but if you have hard curl hair, you can use this mousse or a gel on your scalp to create volume and use it on your end if you need hold.

  • Make a high ponytail, and you want this pretty high on your head so that you can sleep like a baby.
  • For the first heatless wave, use a jumbo size doughnut inside your pony through the hole.
  • If your hairs are thick, you can split them into two sections and wrap them one by one around the doughnut smoothly. But if your hairs are thin, You can do this in just one section.
  • There are two ways you can complete this. You can either allow it to hang loose so that the ends will come out straight. Or you can pin the bobby pin the ends down on top of a doughnut so that it will tuck under.
  • Leave this in for at least eight hours.
  • Remove the doughnut, and then use some argan oil, and you’re done.
  • It will take about 15 seconds to smooth out the curls to make them look good.

Pin Curls

Instead of teaching you that outdated and uncomfortable to sleep in the classic pin curl pattern, I’m going to share an easier way to go about it because this is cheaper, easier, faster, and you will get more sleep this way.

pin curls
  • Apply all the same products mentioned above, then make another high ponytail, and for this, you need to make five-pin curls. If your hairs are long and thick, make five-pin curls. Or else do less if your hair is thinner. I would say: make three-pin curls instead.
  • Start wrapping a section of your hair around three fingers.
  • Place the ends of your hair inside the curl before pinning both openings of a curl using a Bobby pin against the ponytail base.
  • Before you get to the Ends, stick that ends inside the curl itself.
  • Put the curl against the ponytail elastic and use two bobby pins, so one on each opening to ensure it down, and that’s it.
  • Remove all the bobby pins after eight hours.
  • Apply hair oil on your ends.
  • Remove the ponytail elastic band to smooth out your hair.
  • Apply more oil if needed, And you are done.

I would love to know your favorite method from today down below. There’s no fussing afterward whatsoever.
You can remove the pins and leave for work or school right afterward.

So these are the three easiest ways to get wavy or curly hair overnight without using heat. Let me know your favorite heatless hair curling method from the article and which one you will try tonight.

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