How To Make Your Nails White And Shiny At Home In 2021

How To Make Your Nails White And Shiny At Home

Do you want beautiful and shiny nails?

Hello gorgeous ladies! Every girl or lady wants to look perfect from head to toe. In this article, you will know how to get beautiful nails home remedies.

We want our hands to look pretty, and if our nails are not in good condition and dirty, it doesn’t look pleasant. Sometimes we have to shake hands with others, and we are not comfortable because of our nails. 

Sometimes our nails get so dirty after working in the kitchen for a few hours. Don’t worry, girls, about this problem; we have a solution in this article, so don’t scroll down without reading it. I would try to give you as much information as I can that will be helpful for you.

You can grow your nails faster with the help of effective home remedies likewise you can also get clean nails naturally at home even without buffer.

A perfect manicure and beautiful hands can never help you if you have dirty and dull nails.

Everyone can wear nail polish to look at their hands better. But we can’t wear nail polish all the time, so I decided to share some tips about how to make nails look nice without polish. Without wasting your time anymore, let’s start the article.

Home Remedies To Get Shiny Nails Naturally

Clean nails with lemon

The first arising question in our mind is, how can we clean our nails with lemon? With this tip, we can clean our nails in just 5 minutes. It’s just shocking how we can clean our nails with lemon. 

how to get beautiful nails home remedies

Take a lemon and cut it in half, then squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl. And pour the warm water into the bowl, then soak your hand in warm water for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, you can see the difference.

After this process, take a brush. You can use any expired toothbrush to clean your nails. Apply the toothpaste to the meeting and rub on your nails slightly. Please wash your hands with the lemon water, which is already we have in the bowl. You can use this tip every day or twice a week.

Clean nails with coconut oil

Coconut oil is an antifungal treatment for nail fungus. It is an effective way to clean your nails using this oil.

how to get clean nails naturally

You have to take a bowl and pour warm water into it for the remedy, then add a few drops of oil and put your hands into it. 

Then slightly massage your hands and nail cuticles. Dry your hands with a napkin. You can see the difference between before and after. Use this remedy regularly.

Use Petroleum Jelly To Get Pink Nails Naturally

We all have petroleum jelly in our homes, so why not use it to clean our nails. After taking a shower, our nails become soft, and it is easy to clean the nails and make them shiny. 

And if you are not taking a shower, then put your hands into warm water, after this use a good petroleum jelly/ Vaseline and apply it to your hands. It is good to apply this in winters because our skin becomes very dry.

 It moisturizes our skin, and we can use it as a moisturizer. Apply it on your nails after the shower and before sleeping. It makes your nails looking shiny naturally and makes your nails bright.

Lemon Scrub To Make Nails White And Shiny At Home

We use a face scrub and hand scrub. Many of us would not know about the scrub that we can use for nails.

You can make the lemon scrub at home by using few ingredients. So you have to use baking soda 1tbsp, a pinch of salt, one lemon, and water. Or you can use also use honey into it to add moisturizing effect.

how to get beautiful nails without nail polish

Squeeze the lemon juice in a bowl, then pour water into it, add baking soda and salt. Soak the nails into the bowl for 2, 3 minutes, then apply the scrub on your nails, gently massage with a brush. Apply this scrub twice a week to make your nails shiny and clean.

Tips To Get Shiny Nails

Some hacks that we can easily use to make our nails look prettier. We do work in daily life, and we also use our hands for work, and we should be careful while doing the work.

  1. Few easy tricks which you can use to make your nails clean. When you are washing dishes or containers, wear gloves.
  2. The use of less nail polish can also reduce the yellow in your nails.
  3. Use a good nail polish remover that will help clean your nails.
  4. Do you want to get the shine back on your nails? you can get it back by drinking a lot of water
  5. Soak your hands into the warm water. It will maintain the shine on your nails, and it also all the dirt on your nails.

Rose Water

By using rose water, we can make our nails beautiful and shiny. By regular use, our nails become pinky naturally, so try to use this remedy regularly. Rosewater is also good for your skin. It has so many benefits. So why not we should use it for our nails.

how to get pink nails naturally

Put your hands in the rose water, and if there are some spots on nails, you should use the remedy of lemon juice because it will help reduce the area on nails—I already explain the tip for lemon juice above.

Baby oil 

Baby oil is not only helpful for babies. Elders can also use this oil. Hands are a very delicate part of our body. When we wash our hands with soap, and after 10 minutes again, we wash our hands with soap and don’t apply any moisturizer. 

We feel our hands become drier, and nails are also become dry and feeling unwell. Usually, it happens to me, and I have no words to explain the itchy feeling. 

I hope the people who have dry skin and facing this problem will relate with me. When you wash your hands, apply the baby oil on your hands to maintain your nails’ shine.

Cucumber For Clean Nails

how to get clean nails

Cucumber has vitamin E; that’s why we put it on our eyes to prevent dark circles. So we can also use it for cleaning our nails and get a shine on them. 

Cut the cucumber into slices and rub those slices on your nails. And you can also apply the cucumber juice to your nails. It will have an effective result.

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