I Tried Best-Selling Amazon Beauty Products!


When you go on amazon.com there’s a tab that actually tells you what are the current best selling products in each category. So I went on there and I checked out the beauty products and the current top-five best-selling beauty products are the ones I’m, going to show you.

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Starting with this, is the color, while Dreamcoat supernatural spray is supposed to last three shampoos and What it does is it seals your hair, and it gives you this really nice texture and it makes it kind of like humidity proof.

So you get this super smooth hair that doesn’t get frizzy and it’s supposed to be amazing. So I’m, going to show you how you use it, you put into damp hair and you have to actually dry your hair, which is why it starts off wet because the heat, the dryer heat, is what activates it taking out my hair.

It’s still damp. This is what it looks like after I get out of the shower. You want your hair to be damp like I said, but you want it. Towel dried, so not soaking wet and you’re just gonna you know you can actually go through and section it perfectly, but I’m just gonna take sections with my fingers first and it says to spray it liberally through Your hair, then you’re gonna come through in this case I’m, brushing it not combing it but same difference, and then you blow-dry, I always rough dry, my hair for about 90 % of it.

So I’m gonna rough dry. It then smooth it out with a brush and then we’ll, see what my hair looks like [, Music ] all right. So this is my hair blowdried. I smoothed out some of the ends with a flat iron and normally I would wear my hair really wavy to hide some of the frizziness and everything.

But I will say my hair got really smooth with this product and its really shiny. Do you see that shine? I see that shine like shiny, so I give this a thumbs up color, while Dreamcoat super natural spray.

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum for Face

I understand why you’re, a top-selling product on Amazon. You guys know I’m. A huge fan of vitamin C, like a huge fan of vitamin C, but most of the vitamin C’s that I recommend I realize, can be a little pricey.

This one is called true skin Naturals it’s. A vitamin C I’ve got 20 %, vitamin C vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, and I think the big selling point for this is that it’s about twenty dollars. For a bottle of this, there are like 10,000 reviews on Amazon for this product and its got like 4.

3 stars out of five stars. So that means that it ‘ S got a really high rating. There are tons of people touting it and – and I think the reason why they like it is because it’s, a vitamin C that works and they don’t have to spend a boatload for it, which i think is huge.

I’m. I was looking at the ingredient list and another thing that i like about. It is that the first ingredient is not water. In fact, you don’t even see water in here. Instead, let me actually read this to you.

It says there’s, an organic herbal infusion, organic aloe, and then it goes into vitamin c. So what is actually getting the vitamin c into your skin is not water, because i think a lot of people think that water is totally fine, but water can actually sometimes dry your skin out, whereas this is actually hydrating your skin.

It’s, delivering the vitamin c to your skin. So that means that you’re gonna get brighter skin. Your spots will start to fade away. It helps so your wrinkles look a little bit lighter. I mean it just makes your skin look brighter, that’s, why? I love vitamin C and I always apply it in the morning right before I apply my moisturizer.

This one seems like it’s, a really great deal. One thing to always note with vitamin C is: it should be in a dark bottle because it can oxidize. This one comes in this brown bottle and if you look at it, it’s, just a really good consistency, because it has that hyaluronic acid make sure you wear your moisturizer with it clean your skin and then put a little bit into your hand.

Rub it together and then just Pat it into your skin, so you’re, just gonna Pat it into your skin. Don’t rub it. It’s absorbing really really fast. It feels like, and then you want it to absorb for one to two minutes.

You know just let it sit there for a second and then, like I said, apply moisturizer or apply any other active serums that you use in the morning, but put this on before your moisturizer and I definitely recommend putting on moisturizer.

If you wear hyaluronic acid, which this has in it, that way, you can really lock it all in alright. So I let it sit on my skin for a couple of minutes. It feels super soft. It absorbs really really quickly.

It has zero scent, which I really like, I will say the texture felt like it had tiny tiny little like grains in it, which is interesting to me, but it didn ‘ T feel like that, when I put it on my skin it’s.

LilyAna Retinol Cream Moisturizer

It feels really nice on my skin and I can’t, wait to see what it feels like with moisturizer and makeup on next up, my other favorite skincare ingredient, and that is retinol. This is a retinol cream from Lilliana naturals.

It has 3,200 plus reviews on amazon.com, and most of the reviews are averaging to 4.2 stars out of 5, which is really really good reviews. The thing that makes this awesome. There are a few things actually that make it awesome.

First off it’s supposed to be a really strong, retinol close to what you get from like a prescription-strength retinol. Second, it’s great for sensitive skin. A lot of the reviews are all about people that have sensitive skin and they say that their skin isn’t flaking or getting dry from this, which is a huge plus, because I’m constantly looking for over-the-counter retinol that are not So strong that they make your skin really sensitive, because that’s, probably the big issue with retinol is that a lot of the time good ones can really make your skin sensitive? This supposedly does not do that.

I also like that. It has some really great ingredients in it. I was just going over the ingredient list. First off the first ingredient is aloe. I always love that. I love when the first ingredient is not water, because that means that they’re actually using higher quality ingredients to deliver the skincare ingredients to your skin.

Besides, obviously, the retinol in here there’s, hyaluronic acid. There’s. Jojoba oil, there’s. Shea butter, vitamin II, vitamin B there’s; green tea extract there’s, even propolis extract which comes from honey, and that’s, really healing for your skin.

So there just happened to be some really great ingredients in this, and you know you have to take it. I really trust Amazon reviews when you see thousands of them, because you know that people are going on there and they’re.

Taking that time to just let everybody know that these products are great, they say to use it twice a day. I never tell people to use retinol in the morning because the Sun actually just makes your retinol not active at all, so it just makes it not worth it.

I just say to use it once at night and they actually say to alternate at night use the retinol. Then the next night use a moisturizer and then a retinol, the next night, so kind of just alternate using this and that’s.

Probably the best way to go about using a retinol in general, and then you guys, the other part that makes this amazing if it’s as good as all the reviews say, I’m excited about it because it’S also only about twenty dollars, who says that good skincare has to be expensive right.

Twenty bucks for this twenty bucks. For that vitamin C, I’m gonna put it on, and I’m gonna. Let you know my initial thoughts, [ Music, ] initial thoughts. It feels nice going on. It does not have a cent whatsoever.

This one just feels like I put on a cream. It’s absorbing really really quickly, and I can’t. Wait to see the long-term results I’m. Definitely going to update you guys on Instagram. So, like I said with the vitamin C follow me, I’ll.

Let you guys know what I think of the long-term effects, but I mean initial thoughts. This is great and if you don’t know why i love retinol so much that retinol is really the only ingredient that ‘

S truly been proven to stimulate collagen growth in your skin. We’re, losing collagen as we get older. Unfortunately, and we want that because that’s, what makes our skin look plump and youthful and healthy.

It also just helps to keep like fine lines and wrinkles away and everything, and it really helps with that skin cell turnover. So retinol you guys, you have to include it in your anti-aging routine. You won’t regret it.

I promise you, you will not regret having a retinol unless, of course, it makes your skin sensitive and peels and blah blah blah blah. So hopefully this doesn’t. Do it. It feels really great and I feel, like the reviews, are very promising.

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

Alright next item, I’m, not pumped about this. You guys, because it’s, charcoal it’s. Active Wow activated coconut charcoal powder. This is supposed to be amazing for your teeth. I say I’m, not excited about this, because it’s, so messy.

I really understand the concept of charcoal powder and charcoal toothpaste, but it’s black. It’s literally black. It gets all over the place if you try to brush your teeth during the day. You definitely should not be wearing the clothing that you want to wear, because if you just like spit or like drips a little bit or anything like that, it gets all over the place.

It gets all over your sink. It’s, just really really messy, but this active Wow has 18,000 reviews that’s, a ton of reviews. It’s, averaging to like 4.3 stars out of 5, which is really high, and I’m willing to bet that most of the reviews that are not that high are probably because it’s messy right.

But what it does is activated charcoal helps to really whiten your teeth, because it actually pulls stains off of your teeth and there’s. Also other ingredients like tonight clay and that’s great because it remineralize does your teeth, which basically means that if you’ve got sensitive teeth, it helps to make them less sensitive, and then it has orange seed oil, which I’ve, never actually even thought about, but it’s supposed to be anti-inflammatory, which you guys don’t realize your teeth and your gums.

It’s, your gums, really that can get inflamed and then that can cause them to be sensitive. It can cause them to be pink or you know, bleed or anything like that. So this is supposed to be really good for you and, like I said it has great reviews.

It’s supposed to be a mint flavor. So what you do, is you open it up? You wet your toothbrush and then you dip it and then you just like tap it off and then you brush your teeth just like you normally would for about a minute to two minutes and then you spit.

So let’s, try it and let’s, see how messy this gets. So I just brush my teeth. You guys saw it just get really messy and that’s, always just my big issue with charcoal. I understand the concept of charcoal, I think truncal actually works.

I actually have a suspicion about charcoal is I think that it leaves like a coat of almost like a gray tone and what I think that does is, I think it neutralizes any like stains or like yellow tone to your teeth.

So I think that’s. Why, when you look at the mirror – and you like kind of like look at your teeth and everything they seem like, they’re whiter in some ways, because it’s neutralizing that color. That’s.

Just a suspicion, though I don’t know. Maybe it really does work, but I don’t know this. It’s, so messy I mean I like left the sink completely black. I had to like wipe it off and then it got all over my fingers and everything to me that’s, not worth this kind of the toothpaste.

I’d. Much rather have a toothpaste that doesn’t stain everything. I’ll, say, though this is a little bit pricey. In my opinion, this is about twenty dollars and you guys saw that the skin care products I was talking about are also twenty dollars.

So to me this is a lot of money, but I bet the powder lasts a really long time. It says that it has a mint flavor. I didn’t taste, anything which is totally fine for me too. I actually don’t like to have a really strong, mint flavor for my toothpaste, but I mean you guys.

The the reviews can’t lie, especially eighteen thousand of them, so if you are interested in charcoal toothpaste, this is the one to try. Alright, the very last but definitely not least, most popular selling product on Amazon right now.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

The beauty product is the Aztec secret, Indian healing clay, and it makes complete sense that this would be popular because it is calcium, bentonite clay and if you guys, don’t know bentonite clay, it’s. Actually, the main ingredient in a lot of skincare masks that you see on the market, so it makes sense that you know what this is.

Probably all you really really need at the end of the day, what you’re supposed to do. Is you make mix equal parts of this with either apple cider, vinegar, to make it a little bit stronger or with just water? If you have sensitive skin, you leave it on just like a regular mask, you put it on you.

Let it dry on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes, and it’s supposed to draw out impurities. This has almost 19,000 reviews on amazon.com and it averages 4.4 stars which is really high and it’s supposed to be like you know it Out’s itself as the most powerful facial you can get, and you get about 10 to 15 uses out of this people with acne swear by this stuff like swear by it, and it makes you guys it just makes sense.

It’s. Bentonite clay, it’s. Gon na draw out all the impurities from your skin. You’re gonna. You know like feel that difference because it’s. Gon na tighten on your skin as it dries, and I’m positive that this works because, like I said most clay masks out there on the market are made primarily of bentonite clay.

So let’s, give it a try. Okay. So I stirred this up. It’s kind of messy. I’m, not gonna lie. I’m, not a DIY person. I would rather just buy my mask, but it’s. Only ten bucks I’m gonna put it on by the way I got my headband on Amazon as well.

I like getting stuff on Amazon. Let’s, put it on [ Music ]. So you leave it on for about five to ten minutes. If you have delicate skin and then you can leave it up to 20 minutes, if you’ve got normal skin.

I’m gonna, let it dry and we’ll, see we’ll, see how it feels. After all, right guys, I can barely move my mouth. It means it’s dry for the most part. I’m gonna rinse. This I’ll, be back so I rinsed it off.

I actually put the vitamin C back on my skin to give it a little something my skin feels really tight. It definitely works. I mean but bentonite clay, you guys again, it really works. Everyone swears by this.

It’s about ten bucks, which is a great price for it. So if you want to give it a try, it’s, got wonderful reviews and I think that you should so those were the top five selling beauty products on Amazon right this minute.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Do you like the style of video, I’m, trying to change it up a little bit. I also did a video of my top ten Amazon purchases on my personal YouTube channel. I’ll leave a link here and in the description because I love Amazon.

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