13 ways To Treat Light Periods- Hypomenorrhea In 2021

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If you are having light periods in forms of low menstrual bleeding or just spots. And if you are looking to treat hypomenorrhea naturally. Then you might find this article helpful. 

Although the treatment of scanty menstrual bleeding or hypomenorrhea is entirely based upon the underlying cause. Still, some home remedies can benefit you.

As I have written this article solely to treat spotting only at periods with natural ways and home remedies

Although light periods are not very common among females. But you can experience them once in your life. And there are several reasons behind scanty bleeding.

In this article, I also shared those remedies that are used by generations and proved best.

So you can definitely give them a chance to treat scanty or light periods. These are also helpful if you have hypomenorrhea.


To treat any problem, you should have proper knowledge about it. So without using jargon medical terms, I will simply explain to you what hypomenorrhea is.

what is hypomenorrhea

For the sake of understanding, take hypomenorrhea as reduced menstrual flow. 

If you have average blood flow during your periods but then suddenly one month you have decreased menstrual bleeding, then you have hypomenorrhea.

The light menstruation can also be in the form of spotting only at periods. 

Hypomenorhea also includes scanty bleeding, and if your periods stay less then 2 days.

There are maximum chances that you will get your NORMAL periods in the next month. If this happens, then good.

But if you are having a scanty period for 2 months, then you should switch to home remedies. 

And in the case, your periods are not normalized for three consecutive months, then you should visit your gynecologist. And she will diagnose the underlying cause of hypomenorrhea.

As a friend, I will suggest you not to take stress about having spotting only at periods. Because it is not an unusual thing. 

You, like yourself, can be a cause of your light periods. Your emotions affect your menstrual cycle significantly. 

By emotions, I am not only talking about your stress. Your extreme level of excitement can also cause scanty periods.


The centers in the brain cause ovaries to secrete female hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen.

But the high level of excitement and stress can suppress the activity of centers. And low production of estrogen and progesterone happens consequently.

Hypomenorrhea And Getting Pregnant

Hypomenorrhea And Getting Pregnant

If you are spotting only at periods, and there are possibilities for your pregnancy, then you should perform a pregnancy test.

Frequently, pregnancy can happen with this decreased menstrual bleeding. 

You can get pregnant even if you have scanty periods. And my dear does not link light periods to infertility. 

Hypomenorrhea does not cause infertility unless it has some underlying medical disorders such as PCOS.

Difference Between Hypomenorrhea And Oligomenorrhea

You might get confused about the two terms hypomenorrhea and oligomenorrhea. As there is a thin line between them.

Difference Between Hypomenorrhea And Oligomenorrhea

Oligomenorrhea is referred to as infrequent menstruation. In oligomenorrhea, The menstrual cycle extends between 37 and 90 days. 

Whereas in hypomenorrhea, you experience very less menstrual blood discharging from the vagina. 

In oligomenorrhea, either you miss menses or have periods on different days. But in hypomenorrhea, you have menses at the expected time but in the form of spots.

I hope now you have a complete understanding of scanty periods. 

Now let’s get to the treatment of hypomenorrhea naturally.

Lifestyle Changes To Treat Hypomenorrhea

If you are having less bleeding during periods, then usual, some lifestyle changes might help you. 

how to treat light periods

No proper blood flow during periods can be in your genes. It means if your mother or sister experience scanty menstruation, then there are chances that you also suffer from them.

Besides this, sometimes you are the reason behind your light periods, and adopting some healthy rituals can bring you periods to their normal state.

Take Care Of Your Diet

If you are skinny, then you have the chance to experience light periods. 

Being underweight can reduce the production of female hormones that regulate your menstrual cycle.

So do not go for a strict diet. Eat healthy foods abundant of nutrients. And bring your weight to normal. This will help to regulate your light periods.

Drink Water

Sometimes spotting only at periods can be due to dehydration. 


Being honest, I do not know the science behind this, but my personal experience of 22 years says that drinking a lot of water solves many menstrual problems.

So drink as much water as you can to treat low bleeding during menstruation. It will help out in scanty periods and also brings a glow to your face.


Go For Exercise

Exercising also helps you in light periods treatment. 

Doing Exercising facilitates your vagina to perform well during menstruation. So to keep your overall body, including vagina in good health, must include exercise in your regime.

Also, studies have proved that yoga can treat irregular periods. That’s why exercising and yoga can also aid in inducing normal bleeding during menstruation.

Home Remedies For The Treatment Light Periods

There are also some proven home remedies to treat hypomenorrhea. 

These scanty periods home remedies treat less bleeding during menstruation, provoking the proper flow of blood. 

Aloe Vera

scanty periods home remedies

Aloe vera is famous for treating menstrual abnormalities.


Aloe vera alkalize your body and balance the hormones thus also helps to treat scanty periods.

All you have to do is extract aloe vera gel from the leaf and add honey into it.

Consume this before breakfast until the problem is not solved.

Another way is to take aloe vera juice daily on your period.


Consumption of parsley is also an excellent remedy for the treatment of scanty light periods.

light periods treatment

Because it is considered as the best cure for menstrual irregularities.

It also fights with inflammation and period cramps.

You can prepare parsley tea or juice and drink it to treat low bleeding during periods.

Ginger Tea For Scanty Periods

scanty periods treatment

Ginger tea is considered best to treat light periods. It induces high blood flow during menses.

How to make ginger tea ?

  1. Add 1 tablespoon of ground ginger in 1 cup of water.
  2. Boil it for five minutes.
  3. Add honey or sugar to taste.
  4. Drink this mixture thrice a day after every meal.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are also useful when you want to increase your menstrual flow. 

There are two methods of using sesame seeds.

  1. Consuming sesame seeds oil.
  2. Preparing and drinking soup of sesame seeds.

Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice reduces spotting only at periods by producing high blood flow during menstruation.

But you need to be regularly drinking sugarcane juice before 12 days of your periods.

Take Iron enriched foods

Iron increases blood level in your body, thus preventing you from scanty periods and anemia. 

hypomenorrhea treatment

So try to eat foods that are full of iron such as dark green leafy vegetables, meat, pumpkin seeds, nuts, etc.

Eat zinc enriched foods

Zinc balances the level of the hormones during your menstrual cycle.

And this, consequently, helps in healthy blood flow during menstruation.

Zinc enriched foods include

  1. Sunflower seeds
  2. Pumpkin seeds
  3. Sesame seeds
  4. Spinach
  5. Oysters

Marigold Tea

Marigold tea, when taking on periods, reduces the scanty menstruation by increasing the amount of menstrual flow.

This plant also reduces period pain and inflammation. 

Peach flower powder

peach flower powder for hypomenorrhea treatment, hypomenorrhea home remedies

If you want to treat scanty periods without any side effects, then the powder of peach flower is best suited for you.

Take 2 grams of peach flower powder with lukewarm water daily to treat hypomenorrhea.

How to prepare peach flower powder ?

Well, the procedure is effortless. Just take peach flowers and let them dry. Then grind them to transform it into a fine powder.

Ash of banana tree leaf

Ash of banana tree leaf as hypomenorrhea home remedies

This is a self tried proven remedy to treat light periods. Burn the leaves of the banana tree and get the ash.

Now take 1/2 teaspoon of this ash with lukewarm water daily for the treatment of light periods.

People Also Ask

Q1: What To Eat If Periods Are Not Coming?

Eat unripe papaya and aloe vera if your periods are not coming. Also, drinking turmeric tea, ginger tea, parsley juice induces periods naturally.

Q2: How Can I Increase My Menstrual Flow Naturally?

Eating cinnamon, sesame seeds, and pineapple increases your menstrual flow naturally. Besides this, if you drink lots of water and do exercise and yoga, your menstrual bleeding will increase naturally.

Q3: Is Hypomenorrhea Dangerous?

Light scanty periods are not dangerous. You may have it in your genes. And many females often experience spotting only at periods.
But if you have light menstruation for a few cycles, then you may have hypomenorrhea due to some underlying vaginal disorder or birth control pills.
Still, hypomenorrhea is not dangerous, but you need to treat the disorder causing it.

Q4: Does Pineapple Juice Stop Your Period?

No pineapple juice did not stop your period. Instead, pineapple has the potential to induce your periods and making menstrual flow convenient.
Pineapple is a good home remedy for the treatment of hypomenorrhea. You can eat pineapple if you want to naturally regulate your irregular menstruation.


Scanty Light periods which are also termed as hypomenorrhea, is a condition in which you just have spotting or deficient bleeding during menstruation. 

And also, the periods’ lasts for only two days or less in this case.

The causes of light periods or hypomenorrhea can include genetics, birth control pills, IUDs, PCOS, or other underlying vaginal disorders.

The treatment of hypomenorrhea or light periods depends upon its cause. If there are no underlying diseases behind this, then you can cure scanty periods with home remedies..

Ginger, parsley, zinc, and iron-enriched foods help in the treatment of scanty periods.

In this article, I have shared some lifestyle changes that you can adopt to treat your light menses.

I hope you find this article helpful. Give a try to the above-mentioned home remedies. And share your experience with me.

 Share this article with other friends and family to help them.

Much Love ❤

Happy Periods ?

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