DIY Peel Off Face Wax And Why Should You Use It

peel off face wax

Peel-off face wax has a gel-like formula that helps you get rid of unwanted hair and, in the process, brightens up your skin. It’s almost like a peel-off—you need to apply it using a brush and build it up on the targeted area to create thickness. Let it dry, and then peel off gently from the skin.

DIY Peel Off Face Wax

Here is how you can make your peel-off face wax at home in no time. It is a whitening peel off the wax. It will not only remove your hair but will make your skin glowing bright and white. So let’s start. Add water and green tea bags to a pan.

Add half cup Agar Agar. If you are vegetarian, then use Agar Agar. Otherwise, you can use gelatin as well. If you can’t find Agar-Agar or Gelatin, you can use the jelly mix.

So your wax is ready. Now you can apply it using a brush. With this wax, your hair will be removed 100 %, plus we have used green tea in it, which has much more benefits. Green tea has anti-aging properties. It revives sagging skin and removes wrinkles.

Moreover, it removes dark spots. Some people who look old because of skin issues must try this wax. This wax usually is very painful, so remove it carefully.

In the wedding season. When you don’t know what should we try to do? Try this wax. Skin will be fresh, glowing, and Bright. You can use this wax frequently as well. 

peel off wax for face

Why Is Peel-Off Face Wax Better Than Regular Waxing?

Less Messy

One of the worst things about waxing is how messy it is. But Peel-Off wax is easier to clean up than sticky, soft, regular wax, which ends up getting stuck on the skin.

Less Painful

Strip waxing can bruise and irritate sensitive skin, making peel-off wax a much better option for sensitive areas like the skin on the face.

While pain tolerance is a subjective thing, most people find peel off wax less painful. 

Less Wastage

Unlike in regular waxing, this peel-off method of waxing doesn’t require paper or fiber strips to remove the wax applied, making it less wasteful.

Best For Short Hair Removal

Peel-Off face wax is better than regular wax for small hair because it does not stick to the skin so much as it molds itself around the hair, thereby even catching the tiniest hairs. So, it is ideal for removing peach fuzz, upper-lip hair, and fine, short hair that wax strips might be unable to grip. As a result of this, you don’t have to wax the same areas twice to catch smaller hair. 

Removes Blackheads

Did you know that a strip of peel-off wax on the nose can work excellently to remove blackheads and the hair follicles on the nose that seem like blackheads? 

If you apply peel-off wax on the nose and peel it off, the grime around the hair follicle also gets pulled out, and so does the hair itself, leaving you with a shiny nose. 

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