Period Blood: Everything You Should Know

When you are on your period, or you are on your way to menstruate, there are a lot of questions about menstrual blood that comes in your mind or that the society teaches in your account.

Do you face many questions with regards to your period blood, whether it is period blood unhygienic? Is your menstrual blood toxic or harmful? 

By time and generation to generation, period blood has become a taboo, about which you are too much concerned, but sometimes you are not allowed to talk about them in public or with your friends.

This is the society that stops you from discussing period things in public. Also, there are many myths about menstruation, such as you are impure during your period. Oh, Honey, you are not impure if you are menstruating. Even your menstrual blood is not contaminated.

Some period myths are really insane like some societies did not allow their females to enter their prayers room if they are on their periods. Or they are not allowed to touch pickle; otherwise, it will be destroyed or turn blackish.

These myths also include some fun things such as you can not bath in the same family tub ? , or you can not drink cow’s milk during menstruation.

Reason Behind Writing This Article

I know these are pretty insane, and if we menstruate, it is not an ugly thing. To prove these myths wrong, first of all, females need to understand that it is not their fault if they bleed. It is a natural phenomenon without which society can not born.

So stop pity on yourself about periods or bleeding. Talk about them. Seek answers to the questions regarding period blood. And prove the society wrong about menstruation.

One of my friends urges me to write an article about myths of menstrual blood as she said to me that “Suhana! Why period blood or everything related to menstruation is considered as gross in our society? Should not we bust the myths about menstrual blood?

Then I felt that I should do something to clarifies the misconception and should try to get the answers related to period blood.

And here, I come with the following article by spending a lot of time researching and finding facts. I am writing this article hoping that you find it informational, and next time when someone hurts you by saying some stupid things about menstrual blood, you can give him a shut-up call. 

Q: Is menstrual blood unhygienic?

is menstrual blood unhygienic

A: You might consider it a logical question by thinking that period blood can be unhygienic as it flows from the vagina. But this is not a logic sweetheart. Menstrual blood is not dirty or impure as compared to the usual blood that always runs in your veins.

Instead, your menstrual blood is less concentrated than normal blood. Your period blood has fewer stem cells. 

So it is the time to stop thinking that the period blood is unclean. Consider you are bleeding from your lips or elbow, did you find it impure or dirty? No! So why considering period blood ugly?

Your period blood is made up of the internal lining of the uterus, mucus lining, uterus tissues, and bacteria of your body. That’s why it is not impure or unclean. It is purely clean blood that flows from your own body.

Use as a nail polish ?

menstrual blood as nail polish

That’s strange that now we use our period blood for nail polish. This question must arise in your mind: how can we make the nail polish?

Add your menstruation blood to lacquer and use it as nail polish. By using nail polish with this process, you don’t need to waste your money to buy new nail polish.

Use as lipstick ?

period blood as lipstick

You may use the menstruation blood in different ways. One of them is that you can use it as a lipstick. This method is also cost-effective; you can make lipstick without any cost. 

The question that arises in your mind and you think how is it possible then the answer is that: you need two things. One is your menstruation blood, and the other is Vaseline. 

Vaseline is available to everyone’s home. Add the menstruation blood into Vaseline. You can use it as lipstick.

How do you use menstrual blood as fertilizer

There are three ways that you can use the menstruation blood for feeding the plant.

The First way is that throw the menstruation cup in the plant, and the second way is that put one or two drops of blood from the menstruation cup every day. 

The other way other than the above method to use period blood as a fertilizer is that squeeze the menstrual blood out into a jar and fill this jar with water. Now use this solution to nurture your houseplants.

Q: Can You Use Menstrual blood as a face mask?

A: Do you surprise if I tell you that you can use period blood as a face mask. Your menstrual blood is enriched with components that embrace stem cells, increase the glow on your face, and give you a pimple-free face.

With menstrual blood, you can increase the glow and beauty of your face each month without any cost.

Sounds Good!

menstrual blood face mask

According to research, you can use menstruation blood for your face and hair. According to experts, by using this mask, your skin becomes glowing. Furthermore, it prevents acne.

Using menstruation blood for the mask can make your skin glowing and soft. Everyone wants beautiful and smooth skin, so use this mask must.

Furthermore, according to research, women said that by using this mask, their hairs become healthier and shinier and beautiful.


What is period blood made of


Period blood is not a taboo or something you should ashamed of. Be confident about who you are. Girl stands tall you don’t need to fell embarrassed during menstruation

Instead, you should clarify all the misconceptions regarding your menstruation and period blood. This article is all about answering the questions that you have in your mind regarding menstruation blood—also, answers for the society who think period blood as a gross.

People always say that period blood is unhygienic or question you that menstrual blood is toxic or harmful. But this is not the truth.

In fact, your menstrual blood has many uses in your daily life. And you should know the importance and truth or your period blood.

Besides this, If you want to spread awareness and to burst the myths, your priority should be teaching your children regardings periods.

Educate your child whether he is a girl or boy so that they did not become a part of society who shame females of being menstruating.

I have done my part in spreading awareness regarding the misconceptions about menstruation and feminine things. Now it’s your turn. Share this article with your friends and family.

Moreover, Make a lovely comment if you like my effort and find this article helpful.

Happy Periods ❤

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