5 Period Tips And Hacks For Emergency

period tips and hacks

No matter how prepared you are, every woman has one of those off months where aunt flow arrives unexpectedly and catches you off guard! So here are 5 easy period tips and hacks to keep you equipped to handle your monthly visitor!

DIY Menstrual Pads

If you’re caught without a pad or tampon at work, school, or anywhere else, get crafty to make yourself a DIY menstrual pad in an instant!

diy menstrual pads
  • Just get your hands on a clean, absorbent material like gauze that can easily be found in first aid kits, a handkerchief, or paper towels.
  • Fold your material back and forth in an accordion fold and then wrap it with some toilet paper. Then use the toilet paper to secure your makeshift pad to your underwear by winding it around them both.
  • Now you have an emergency pad that will stay securely in place and keep you stain-free!

DIY Period Heating Pad

Experiencing cramps is painful, uncomfortable, and can make it difficult to focus!

diy period heating pad
  • If you don’t have a heating pad and need something to ease the pain, fill a sock with rice and tie off the end. Pop it in the microwave for 1 minute and there you have a reusable, pain-relieving heating bag!
  • If you’re around other people and are uncomfortable letting everyone know that it’s your time of the month, fill an insulated water bottle with hot water and casually hold it at your abdomen or in your lap for a completely discreet solution!
  • Stash an extra jacket or shirt in a convenient place for that unfortunate occasion where your clothes get stained. Just tie it around your waist for a simple and stylish solution that will get you through the day!

Removing Period Stains

Unexpectedly staining one of your prettiest panties can make you feel terrible on top of already having PMS.

how to remove period stains from pants
  • Instead of giving up and tossing them out, rinse them with cold water to remove as much of the stain as possible. Then mix baking soda with some cold water to form a thick paste and layer it over the stain letting it sit overnight. Then just wash it as usual and your underwear is salvaged!
  • If you’re someone who experiences heavy flow days and stains often, invest in a few pairs of black swimsuit bottoms! They are more absorbent so are less likely to let stains leak onto your clothes and they’re much easier to clean as well!

I hope these hacks help you avoid the bloodbath and make an untimely period a little easier to deal with! Until next time stay tuned and stay Girly.

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