How I Protect My Skin From Suntan In 2021

protect skin from suntan

HEY! Beautiful souls! This is Suhana again with a fantastic blog post. Summers are on the peak, and I can’t just cope with this. ? Suntan and sunburn are the most concerns in summers. And I have come up with this article to share how I protect my skin from suntan in 2021.

And I am sure, by reading this article, you will also be able to protect your skin from the tan to keep your skin smooth and beautiful.

The protection of the skin is critical. And in the hot days of summer, when the Sun is burning our houses and skin, it is imperative to know how to protect skin from tan and sunburn.

Stay with me till the end of this article to know the methods and tips that will help you to prevent and treat suntan and burn.

SO, Let’s get started.

Protection of skin in the modern age

Protection of skin in the modern age

In this modern age, youngsters, Especially boys and girls, are very concerned about their skin And do any and many things to make skin smooth and beautiful.

In this hurley burly world, to see beautiful, the skin’s protection is not something, but it is a need of this world.

So, the people of all ages are very concern about their skin and do many things and used many cosmetics to see beautiful, gorgeous, and caused an effect in the minds of others.

Healthily, you can protect your skin from sun tanning by wearing a hat when you go outside, protecting clothing, used SunscreenSunscreen when to go out, and also used gel and face cream and lotion, which protect your skin from ultraviolet rays of the Sun.


The use of SunscreenSunscreen and lotion is beneficial for the protection of skin from suntan.

So, a group of all ages people are very concerned about their skin.

Tips To Protect Skin From Suntan

Tips To Protect Skin From Suntan

Protection of skin is significant, but you do not need to take any tension because, in this article, I will give you some tips for protection from the suntan.

SO, tips are following;

  • You should drink at least 15-20 glass of water in one day and keep your skin fresh because drinking of maximum water can keep your skin moisturized and clean.
  • You should avoid going out in the sun rays because the ultraviolet rays of the Sun can severely damage your skin.
  • If you can go outside then, You should use SPF 50 SUN BIOCK or Sunscreen or gel for protection because it protects your skin from harmful rays of Sun.
  • If you are outside even in cloudy weather, then you can also use sunblock to the protection of your skin.
  • If you can apply sunblock on your skin while going outside, then after 2 ( two), you can again apply SunscreenSunscreen on your skin if you are out.
  • In summer, if you like swimming in the presence of the sunray,s, then you can also apply a moisturized cream and sunblock to protect your skin if you do not use SunscreenSunscreen so it will damage your skin every 20 mins.
  • When you are going outside, so you wear protecting clothes, a hat, and SunscreenSunscreen, these are all thing which protects your skin.
  • When you are outside, do anything for the protection of your skin from ultraviolet rays A and B of Sun.
  • When you reached your home, you will wash your face 4-5 times so that this act will minimize the effect of sun rays on your skin.
  • When you always work outside, then at least in one day of the week, use scrub because scrub can wash all the dirt and dead cells of your skin. 
  • When you wash your mouth after going outside, use natural face wash instead of artificial and chemically made face wash because natural face wash cannot harm your skin, but synthetic face wash can hurt you.
  • When you go outside, don’t use perfume because they will make your skin sensitive and cause pores in your skin.
  • You can use a natural face pack such as LEMON, ALOE VERA GEL, SANDALWOOD, TURMERIC POWDER, CURD, YOGURT, HONEY, GREEN TEA LEAVES, and so many other things are used as the face pack. When you use it, it can protect your skin from all harmful elements and ultraviolet rays of the Sun.
  • When you are going outside instead of using makeup used mineral things to apply on your skin, it gives you natural beauty but also protects your skin from harmful rays of the Sun.

Ignore Sunbath To Protect Skin From Suntan

how to protect skin from suntan


                                                                                           About the youngsters in ITALY would be known about the results of sunbathing, sun tanning, sun rays cause skin cancer and precautions to avoid yourself from sun rays. Still, they did not act upon all these precautions and neglect all these precautions.

When you have direct exposure to the sun, it damages your skin, and if you continuously bath yourself from the scorching heat of the Sun, then it will make your skin dry, wrinkled, and blackish and damages your skin very much. 

Sun has one benefit it provides you VITAMIN D. It is a beneficial vitamin for your body, but nowadays, many medicines and artificially-made vitamins are available in the market.

    So, for only getting vitamin D, you can damage your skin from harmful rays of the Sun, instead of getting it from the hot Sun, you can take it artificially.

If you are continuously present in sunlight, sunlight can also cause skin cancer, and very harmful results can be seen.

In which season you need more protection from suntan

protect skin from sunburn

According to different researches

The season which damages your skin most is the summer season. In the summer season, the energy of the Sun increases four-times, and it is hotter instead of the winter season. When the heat rises, The rays of the Sun also affect the human skin most, causing tanning and skin cancer.

         So, To protect your skin from sun damage, you will not go out in summer, but if you go out due to some urgent work, use Sunscreen, sunblock, and lotion, and so many other things, etc

 In this modern age, another thing which is used is skin lightening products which are also used to protect your skin from sun damage These skin lightening products is very useful if your body is damaged before from sun rays Because skin lightening products contain following ingredients  

  • Vitamin C
  •  glycolic acid 
  • Kojic acid 
  • Azelaic acid
  • A retinoid such as adapalene gel, tazaroten, retinol, and tretonion etc

These are all the ingredients present in skin lightening products, and The skin lightening products protect your skin by removing dark circles and pores in your skin and keeping your skin smooth, charming, and beautiful.

Skin-lightening products are beneficial and essential to protect your skin from the Sun. But these skin lightening products can be used only in the presence of a highly qualified dermatologist and highly experienced. 

But misuse of skin lightening products can cause skin cancer and do not remove dark circles of your skin.

Another fault of using skin lightening products is that they are highly expensive. A person of average income cannot afford it.


If you see its advantages, it is beneficial to make your skin brighter and beautiful.

People Also Ask

How do you get rid of tan fast?

You can take fresh lemon juice, add some honey in it, keep it for 30 minutes in your face, add some sugar in it, and apply it on your face and then, you wash it and get rid of the tan fastly.

Do you still get a tan with a screen on?

If you wear a chemical or physical sunscreen, it will prevent you from skin cancer and photoaging caused by sun rays, but in small amounts of tanning. If tan increases, then it will not prevent you.

Why does my skin tan so easily?

Your skin tan so quickly, because it has two situations, in darker skin due to more pigment there is more suntan, but in lighter skin due to less production of melanin, there is more sunburn.

How can I protect my skin from the Sun without using sunscreen?

There are five ways to protect your skin.
Avoid UV lights 
Outdoor smarts
Clothing, Pants and long sleeves usage
UV repellent detergents 

How can I remove tan in one day?

Well, you can remove suntan very easily in one day with the help of the following amazing mask. This mask not only removes suntan from the skin but it also protects your skin.
By using magical mask You can remove tan in one day so, the recipe is following;
1tbsp besan/gram flour
1tbsp yogurt
1tbsp turmeric powder
1tbsp honey
Mix all the ingredients and make a mixture and apply it to your body. Applied for 20 minutes and after 20 minutes, a mask is formed and then again rubbed it by using water because it removes all the impurities present in your body and then washes it, you can also see the result.


How to protect skin from suntan and sunburn is the most asked question in summers. The heated rays of BOSS sun cause skin damages which includes sunburn and suntan.

In this article I have shared some tips that help me to protect my skin from suntan naturally. Also I have shared a recipe of magical mask that will remove suntan from your skin in only one day.

Isn’t It amazing? ?

Hope this article will help you and you appreciate and love this article in the same way you shower love on egg yolk face mask recipes.

Got a query? Ask me down in the comments section. Waiting for your kind comments and social shares ?

Live Beautifully ❤

Love, Suhana ?

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