Natural Glow Tips For Oily Skin At Home In 2021

tips for oily skin

We cannot take skin treatments due to the COVID-19 that is growing up day by day. Every girl has dreams of looking beautiful and wants clear skin. Everybody has a different type of skin, like oily, dry, and normal skin.

Today I thought to share a few home remedies for natural skin glow for oily skin. I think it is very hard to deal with this skin type because they have to face many problems.

There are many skin problems the oily skin person has, like acne, pimples, and blemishes. They also want glowing skin.

I have normal skin, but I will share the remedies that will be helpful for you. You can’t see the result after the first try. You have to use these remedies 7, 8 times to get the result.

But, by using it the first time, you can see the difference between before and after. Few tips are here that you can do easily and need no more effort.

Drink water

Water has a lot of benefits. One of them is your face will glow naturally. By drinking a lot of water, your skin became clear, and it reduces acne and scars on your face.

skin Tips for natural Glow

Suppose you think that I have oily skin, so why do I need hydration. Hydration is essential for all skin types. And there is nothing easier than this tip. It cannot only glow your skin but also prevent some other diseases in your body.

Moisturization and Cleansing

Moisturization and Cleansing

Cleansing and moisturization are very important for your skin. You have to do it regularly. Gently massage your face. It is a barrier to your skin and helps produce less sebum, making your skin smooth.

When you wake up, sprinkle the Luke warm water on your face, then wash with cold water. Washing your face with cold water prevents wrinkles and makes your skin look fresh.

During cleansing, make sure that you are gentle to your skin. Rub on your face softly, because our face has sensitive skin. 

8 DIY to natural Glow

Remedy 1

By the use of gram flour and lemon, you can make your skin glow. So there are so many benefits of using lemon. Citric acid has dry effects, reducing the oil on your skin, by this dry effect. It has some qualities that kill bacteria like antiseptic. 

Gram flour brings your PH level back to normal.


Moisturization and Cleansing
  • 1 Lemon 
  • 2tbsp of gram flour
  • 1tbsp of milk cream


Take a small bowl, add 2tbsp of gram flour, add 1tbsp of milk cream, and then add few lemon drops and mix it well. Now apply on your face with a brush or your finger. Then wash your face with Luke warm water after 25, 30 minutes.

Try this remedy twice a week.


Remedy 2

If you have some patches on your skin, you have to follow the following step to get rid of them. Turmeric powder is very beneficial for the skin and your health. Turmeric targets the pores and makes your skin smooth. It also prevents patchiness on your face.


Moisturization and  Cleansing
  • One lemon
  • 1tbsp turmeric powder
  • 3tbsp gram flour
  • 1tbsp of yogurt


Take a small bowl, add 3tbsp of gram flour, add 1tbsp of yogurt, and add a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix it well, make a paste, and apply it to your face with the help of a brush. Rinse off after 30 minutes.

Remedy 3

Gram flour access out Greece on your face and makes it smooth. And Multani mud is also removed excess oil and dirt on your face. Rosewater is also beneficial for our skin.


  • 3tbsp gram flour
  • 2tbsp Multani mud
  • Rosewater


Make a mixture of these ingredients and apply it to your face. After 30 minutes or until it dries, wash it off. To get better results, use this mask once or twice a week.

Remedy 4

Apply the toner after cleansing your face. Because sometimes you feel itchy after cleansing. Here are two ingredients that can hydrate your skin and makes it fresh. It also removes all the impurities on your face.


Aloe Vera, Rosewater
  • Rosewater
  • Aloe Vera


Mix them and apply them to your face after toner. Use this method twice a day.

Remedy 5

Most people don’t like to apply chemical products on their face, so they want natural products. The ingredients used in this remedy were very common, and one of them we use regularly. I am talking about the garlic. It has some properties like an antibiotic, antibacterial and antifungal, etc.


  • Two cloves garlic
  • Rosewater 


Mesh the cloves well and add the rosewater into it. And apply it to the affected part. Because this mixture is for the acne on the skin, and it also cleans your skin. You can see the result after the first use.

Remedy 6

This DIY is very easy to use. Put milk into an ice tray and freeze it. Then take one cube of milk ice and rub it on your face. Softly massage on your face in a circular motion for 3, 4 minutes, and then rinse off. 

You have to do this process before sleeping. You can see the difference the next morning when you wake up.


Remedy 7

Honey and Almond face scrub

Honey and Almond face scrub

Honey helps to keep your skin moist. It reduces the oil on your skin, and it also has some effects like antibacterial and antiseptic. To make the paste, you need some 15, 20 almonds and grind all the almonds. 

Make 3tbsp of grind almonds; if these almonds are not enough, add more almonds, add 2tbsp of honey, make the mixture, and then apply this scrub on your face and neck and massage for 5 minutes, then wash your face.

Remedy 8

Egg White and Lemon Face Mask

Egg white and lemon face Mask

Egg white and lemon are both used to tighten the pores. It is hard to apply the egg mask on your face due to the smell of the egg. We had to listen to that; you have to lose something to gain something. So if you want clear and tighten skin try this home remedy.

For the mask, the ingredients that you need 1tbsp lemon juice and one egg white. Mix both ingredients very well in a bowl. Apply this face mask on your face, or you can also apply on the neck and leave it until it dries. Then wash your face with Luke warm water.

Happy Beauty TaDa!

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