Tea Tree Oil For Stretch Marks – Honest Review

tea tree oil for stretch marks

It seems that you are looking for does tea tree oil remove stretch marks? If So, I got your back. 

There are many blogs and online resources that teach you how to get rid of stretch marks. But I’m only reviewing tea tree oil from them. 


Because I have tried it for about two months and after witnessing some results, I’m writing this blog post for you.

So that it could help you if you are worried about those tiger lines on your waist, belly, thighs, and forearms.  

Medical peeps call these marks as striae gravidarum or striae. You may have striae if you are pregnant or you have a gain or lose weight. These lines are signs of skin expansion and contraction.

I got’em back when I gain some weight due to surgery and lying on the bed for almost one year. It was as difficult for me to lose some pounds as if you can’t bell a cat.

But then after some weight loss, these lightened lines appear on my belly as a bonus gift. 

I was also worried like you and always searching and asking everyone how can I get rid of stretch marks permanently and naturally.

Luckily a friend told me that tea tree oil is good for stretch marks, and I thought to try. 

And here, I’m going to share the method of how I used to tea tree oil to get rid of striae.

Method Of Using Tea Tree Oil For Stretch Marks

Tea tree oil is such a darling that you can apply it directly without dilution. Unlike other essential oils that need to be diluted with a carrier oil before applying, you can use it as it is.

tea tree oil for stretch marks

But before applying the oil on to your body, please do a patch test. If it did not show any reaction after 24 hours, go with it! 

After all, it is better to react on a minimal surface rather than a large part of your body. That’s why make sure that tea tree oil is all good for you.

Three Methods Of Using Tea Tree Oil To Help With Stretch Marks

  1. If you are blessed with sensitive skin, do not use tea tree oil alone. Mix it with any carrier oil such as sweet almond, coconut, and jojoba oil. And then massage it regularly and consistently to see the visible results. 
  2. The method I used to get rid of stretch marks was mixing tea tree oil and almond oil. The reason is that almond oil has vitamin E that repairs the skin.  And tea tree oil is a hero after all (Thanks to its healing properties!)
  3. Finally, Another unusual combination that heals your stretch marks is olive oil and tea tree oil. Just take half a teaspoon olive oil and few drops of tea tree oil. Mix, mix, mix. Apply it gently on the lighted lines before going to bed. Take a relaxing bath in the morning to wash it.

Why It works

Tea tree oil is present in the beauty and skincare industry for a long time. It has many skin and hair benefits, such as reducing acne from the face and helping with dandruff. 

Besides this, tea tree oil has inflammatory and anti-healing properties, so it can heal scars and remove stretch marks.

Final Words

So this was a cute little review of tea tree oil and stretch marks. I found some amazon results with this home remedy. 

Besides removing stretch marks, tea tree oil also prevents the appearance of stubborn lines. 

If you want to get the same results, I want you to be consistent and believing that it will work. And hell, yes, it works, baby!

It may require months to show the difference, but when it will, you will thank me ?

I want your feedback and will be very happy if you share some before-after pics with me on Instagram. 

Share the article with your friends, family, relatives, neighbors as you share memes. ??

Go Natural, Stay Pretty ❤

Love, SUHANA ?

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