Top 10 Types Of Manicures For 2021

Isn’t it amazing to have a lot of choices for your nails makeup? In today’s world, when you see various options from your favorite restaurant to your favorite boutique, manicures also offer many types.

Manicures shape and clean your nails as well as treat your cuticles. Also, they remove dead skin from your hands through exfoliation.

There are several types of manicures from which you can choose your favorite to pamper your hands and beautify your nails. But to choose from various options is really difficult, at least for me!

To make the choice process easy for you, I have assembled the best and trending types of manicures in this article that you should consider in 2021 to give a majestic look to your hands and nails.

So, let’s get started!

Basic Manicure

basic manicure

Basic manicure is a sweet and simple standard manicure. If this is your first time with a mani, or you do not have enough time to spend in the saloon, then basic manicure is the best choice. 

The great thing is that you can also get this type of mani in your home by yourself.

The procedure of basic polish is very simple. In basic mani, you get a hand massage after the trimming, cleaning, and shaping your nails. And in the end, a simple nail paint of your choice is applied to your nails.

This is a pretty fast procedure and doesn’t last more than seven days.

Also, If you get bored with the nail color, you can remove it with a nail paint remover.

Mirror Manicure

mirror manicure

If you want to be a stylo chic, then go with this trending manicure. The mirror manicure took social media by storm. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, youngsters are going crazy for it.

In mirror mani, firstly, a black or a dark nail paint is applied onto nails, following by clear topcoat. After this, mirror powder is added to it to achieve a mirror look. Lastly, to get a real mirror look on your nails, a top coat is applied, and you are all done.

French Manicure

french manicure

French manicure is stylish and chic too. And you may have seen your favorite celebrity experimenting with this elegant manicure.

The best part about the french manicure is that it offers many varieties regarding embellishments and color choices.

In French manicure, the manicurist will first apply a beige or clear pink nail polish on your nails. And when it dries out, paint white nail polish on the edges in a moon shape.

Gel Manicure

gel manicure

A gel manicure has numerous plus points justifying why it is my favorite among all. Firstly, the maintenance is super easy, means once you have got a gel mani, you do not need repetitive visits to the saloon.

Secondly, it lasts long. Gel manicure holds its beauty for 2-3 weeks easily.

Lastly, it dries off in minutes under UV lights and offers a wide variety of shades.

Moreover, the process us simple. After a typical manicure procedure, gel nail paint is applied to your nails, and UV light is used to dry the coats. 

Shellac Manicure

shellac manicure

Shellac manicure is a combination of both normal and gel nail polish. If you want to paint your nails a little extra something, then shellac mani is your go-to option.

Shellac manicure reduces the risk of chipping, which in turn increases durability. Also, it does not require proper maintenance and care.

After the basic manicure procedure, i.e., cleaning, filling, and shaping your nails, the manicurists apply two coats of shellac nail paint onto your nails. Each of the layers will be dried using a drier.

Lastly, a final coat is applied, and you are all set.

Acrylic Manicure

acrylic manicure

I recently come to know about this amazing type of manicure, and I think it is perfect for me as I don’t have long nails sadly. ?

Acrylic mani makes a nail extension on your original nails using a liquid monomer and powder polymer that eventually forms a hard layer of the acrylic nail.

This acrylic nail is covered in such a way that it looks like an original nail.

It is long-lasting and fixable as well as you can remove them easily. Acrylic nails work as the best base for your nail paint.

Spa Manicure

spa manicure

Spa manicure is a longer service as compared to a basic manicure. It includes certain additional offerings other than the typical mani procedure.

A spa manicure feels more luxurious and lasts longer as it offers hot stone massage, hot towel wrap, hydrating mask, and aromatic salt scrub.

Spa manicures also have different types depending upon the salon and the additional offerings they add into it.

Deluxe Manicure

deluxe manicure

Deluxe manicure offers exfoliating scrub and hot towel removal. Arms and hands are massaged with a hydrating shea buttercream, and then a warm paraffin mask is applied.

This mask soothes sore muscles and joints besides nourishing the skin.

Paraffin Manicure

paraffin manicure

Paraffin manicure is best for you if you have extremely dry skin. It hydrates and relaxes your skin. It is a particular nail treatment that calms your sore muscles and joints. You need to dip your hands in warm liquid paraffin wax for some time. The heat of the wax leads to the opening of pores, which in turn increases the circulation.

When the wax is cleared on your hands, the normal manicure process is performed to clean and shape your nails.

American Manicure

american manicure

American manicure gives a more blended and natural look to your nails. It uses a cream-colored or flesh base and an off-white or nude tip that differentiates it from a french manicure.

If you want a natural look along with luxurious manicured nails, then it is your go-to style.

In American manicure, after the normal mani steps, your nails will be shaped in a round form. A flesh or cream-colored base coat is applied following by an offwhite or light nail paint on them.

Manicures keep your hands looking young. Also, you receive a relaxing massage of your hands during a manicure. Comment down your favorite manicure type.

Looking forward to you ❤

Love, SUHANA ?

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