What Should I Use During Periods

Sometimes when someone asks what should I use during periods, I can’t help but smile and remember my first period. Which period products you should use during your menstruation is a big concern. These products hold and absorb blood, and other tissues discharged from the vagina during menstruation. You can’t risk your vagina using improper menstrual hygiene products.

Menstrual products cost a lot to girls during their whole menstrual life. According to research women spend $1,600 in their life buying tampons. 

The use of these period products totally depends on you, how you are experiencing your periods, and the menstrual flow whether it is heavy or low. You can also use different products during your period. You can use a pad during the night and a tampon during the day. 

Or you can consider them according to your lifestyle. If you are going to have your first menstruation then ask someone who you can trust( your mother, sister, friend) what goes best for them. 

If you are considering my suggestion then I will say that you should use a cloth pad or tampon at the beginning of your puberty. Also, the usage of the period protection also depends upon your routine.

Consider you have swimming in your plan then you can’t go for pads and sanitary napkins as water can disturb you. Or when you have to do exercise and physical work then tampon is a good choice.

My experience

Most times if my menstrual flow is heavy then I prefer using a reusable cloth sanitary pad that I can reuse after washing. Period underwear is also a convenient choice for light days. But if the flow is not heavy then I use tampons that are changed after every 4-8 hours.

Also, disposable tampons and pads are easily available in stores around you. But it’s again up to your choice. 


Don’t use feminine hygiene products other than menstrual hygiene products such as feminine wipes, douche, deodorants, and feminine powders as they can cause irritation or infection. 

Besides this, I strongly recommend not to use scented pads or deodorants even if you are worried about the smell of your period. The best solution for menstruation smell is to change menstrual cup, pad, or tampon often. 

The balance of vaginal flora and acidity can be altered by using douches consequently.

Types Of Period Products

Majorly there are two broad categories of period products you can use in your menstruation.

  • Reusable
  • Disposable 


This category includes those products that you can reuse after their application. After using these products you can wash them and reuse them. These menstrual products are also good on the budget.

Reusable menstrual products include

  • Cloth menstrual pad
  • Menstrual sponge
  • Menstrual products
  • Period Panties


Disposable products are those that you can’t use again after their first application. When you use them then after their removal, the only option is to trash them.

Disposable period products include

  • Sanitary napkin
  • Tampon
  • Pantyliner

Cloth Menstrual Pads

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Cloth menstrual pads are cloth pads that you can wear in your underwear to protect leakage of blood and tissues onto your clothes.

You can reuse them after washing and hence produce less waste. Likewise, they are also less in cost.  

These pads are an alternative to menstrual cups and disposable sanitary pads.

Sanitary Pads/ Napkins

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These pads are a type of disposable feminine hygiene product that sticks to your underwear and absorbs menstrual flow from your vagina.

The material used in these pads depends upon the region, country, and lifestyle. 

Mostly a polymer powder is used that takes the form of gel when moistened thus protecting your clothes from bloodstains.

You should change your pad several hours a day. It depends upon menstrual flow.

 How To Use A Pad

When you go to a store you find period pads in different sizes and the selection of the right pad for you depends upon the blood flow is it heavy or light.

  1. Stick the pad to your underwear using its sticky edges in case of sanitary napkins. 
  2. In the case of cloth menstrual pad, you can wear them in your underwear using the elastic in your underwear or snaps.
  3. Change your pad when it is soaked with blood or every few hours.
  4. After using sanitary pads throw them in the trash after wrapping in toilet paper. Don’t flush them down the toilet, as it will cause the toilet to clog up.


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Tampons are a type of disposable menstrual product. It absorbs the menstrual flow when inserted into the vagina. 

The selection of tampons is also dependent on your menstrual flow as tampons come in several absorbency ranges.

When you insert a tampon correctly into your vagina, it expands as soak blood. 

You can wear a tampon in water or during any physical activity or game. They cant move in your body when placed correctly as your vaginal muscles hold them without your knowledge. 

When tampons are placed in the right place you even did not feel them inside your vagina that’s why they are convenient to use, also they don’t get stuck into your vagina and don’t move to other parts of your body.

How To Use A Tampon

Likewise menstrual pads, tampons also come in different sizes depending upon menstrual flow. But I suggest you choose a low absorbency tampon that lasts for a few hours.  And don’t put tampons in your vagina without having menstruation. 

Putting a tampon for the first time is a difficult task. Only you need a little practice to use a tampon correctly and it doesn’t hurt.

I suggest you try a different kind of tampons, in the beginning, to select which one goes best for you. 

Some tampons come up with an applicator through which you insert them in your vagina and some are without an applicator, your finger will perform the same task in this situation.

  1. Firstly, wash your hands and get into a position you found comfortable. You can sit on the toilet seat with your knees apart or you can squat, or put a leg on the toilet seat. It is up to you how you get comfortable.
  2. Secondly, push the tampon into your vagina with applicator or your finger. Be relaxed while doing this and it is better to apply some lubricant on the applicator or tip of the tampon to reduce friction.
  3. If you are finding this difficult or not understanding the procedure you can seek the help of someone you trust to guide you on how to insert a tampon into the vagina.
  4. After the insertion of tampon, throw the applicator along with wrapper in the trash. Don’t flush them.
  5. There is a string attached at the end of tampon that hangs out of your vagina. When the tampon soaked with blood take it out of the vagina with the help of that string. It is better to take the tampon out after every 4-8 hours. As if tampon remains inside you more than 8 hours it can cause a disease called TTS.
  6. After using tampon wrap it in toilet paper and throw it in the trash. 

Menstrual cup

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A menstrual cup is a safe option among other period products unlike pads and tampons it does not absorb blood rather it collects blood. And due to this, there are fewer chances for diseases caused by the use of tampons and pads for more than 8 hours. 

A menstrual cup has the shape of a bell with a stem. The stem is used to insert and remove the cap from the vagina. 

Menstrual cups come in reusable and disposable ranges. If you are going with reusable range then you have to remove the cup after every 4-12 hours, empty and rinse it then reinsert this cup into the vagina. After every menstruation, boil the cup for at least 5 minutes and store it for the next month.

If you are using a disposable menstrual cup then wrap the cup into toilet paper after use and throw this in the trash.

How to Use a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are also different sized depending upon your menstrual flow. The complete instructions on how to use and insert menstrual cups have been written on the packaging. You just have to follow the instructions.

Again putting a cup is not difficult but it needs practice though. You can wear pantie underwear or a pad in case of little leakage from the cup. But you cannot use a tampon or a cup at the same time. 

  1. Firstly, wash your hands and get into a position you found comfortable. You can sit on the toilet seat with your knees apart or you can squat, or put a leg on the toilet seat. It is up to you how you get comfortable.
  2. Secondly, fold or squeeze the cup to narrow it as it is made of rubber or soft plastic. It aids the convenient entry of menstrual cup into the vagina. Read the instructions that came with the packaging on how to squeeze or place cup. remain relaxed while doing this.
  3. If you are finding this difficult or not understanding the procedure you can seek the help of someone you trust to guide you on how to insert a cup into the vagina.
  4. Some cups need to be inserted in the lower part of the vagina while others are placed near the cervix.
  5. Remove the cup when it is full or after every 8-12 hours. Read the cleaning instructions written on the packaging to clean cup for reuse otherwise, throw the cup into the trash.

Period Panties

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Period panties are also called period underwear. They are just like regular underwear you use except that there is extra lining/ layers of fabrics to absorb blood during your menstruation. 

There are also different kinds of period underwear depending upon the size and flow of menstrual blood. 

You can also wear period panties while using tampons or cups for extra protection from menstrual blood.

How to wear period panties

Wear period panties during menstruation. You can wear period underwear alone when the menstrual flow is not heavy or it is not causing stains on your clothes.

Or you can wear them with sanitary pads/ napkins in case of heavy flow. 

You can wash period underwear in a machine like your other underwear. Or their cleaning instructions also come with packaging.


The use of period products depends upon you. You can select feminine hygiene products to use during menstruation on the basis of your lifestyle and menstrual flow.

Menstrual protections enable you to complete your daily activities without any fear of blood leakage onto your clothes during menstruation.

Comment down which menstrual product is proven best for you. And don’t feel shy to share it on your social media as our basic motive is to spray awareness among all the beautiful ladies. 

Much Love ❤

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