Yao Women Rice Water Recipe

Based on what Yao women say, fermented rice water has the power to make your hair very shiny, healthy, black, and long and prevent grey hairs since the older women still have super black hair. 

For today’s article, I’m going to share with you step-by-step the Yao fermented rice water method, from how to make it to how to apply it like a pro to start your journey of 5 feet long hair. 

Yao Women Rice Water Recipe

Let’s, make some fermented rice water. The way you’re going to make this rice water for hair growth is quite simple.

fermented rice water

Take White Rice

In the first step, you need to know that YAO women only use white rice for this hair washing method; the specific one they recommend is sticky rice.

However, if you don’t have this type of rice right now, no worries; any other white rice is acceptable. Now that you have some white rice on your power.

Calculating Water And Rice Amount

Let’s, move on to the second step, which is calculating how much rice and water you will cook. Here’s the thing none of the documentaries I found YAO women share is How much rice they use for this hair growth recipe? So, in the end, I washed two cups of rice with 10 cups of water.

However, before you can start washing the rice for this method, make sure to clean the rice with some water first to remove any dirt and impurity from it.


rice water recipe

Now that your rice is clean, it is time for the third step, which is washing the rice with water, so go ahead and add the 10 cups of water to the clean rice. Now you’re going to begin the washing process, which is rubbing the rice between your hands under the water for three minutes. So that you can extract all the properties from it, such as acetol vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from the rice to the water.

Extracting Water From Rice

Once your rice water has a milky color. Now move on to the fourth step, which is extracting the water from the rice. All you need for this hair growth method is the water from the rice, not the actual rice. So all you’re going to do is to extract the milky water into another container carefully.

 You can use a filter at the end to make sure no grains fall into our precious water.

Adding Citrus Peels

rice water yao recipe

Now that you have this first batch of rice water, the fifth step is adding citrus peels to the mixture of citrus peels to help keep the fermented rice water less stinky.

Each Yao family has its own secret ingredients for the rice water recipe. However, I found one recipe that is quite simple, and it only uses orange peels.

For this exact amount of rice water, I add two orange peels to the recipe.

Cooking Rice Water

 Let’s, move on to the sixth step, which is cooking the rice water. Simple as it sounds, all you’re going to do is mix the orange peels and the rice water in a pot. Then turn on the stove to medium heat and allow the rice water to boil for 10 minutes.

When time is up, carefully place the rice water again in a large bowl so that the mixture cools off before you store it.

Fermenting The Rice Water

fermented rice water

And now that your rice water mixture is quite cold, the seventh step is preparing the rice water for the fermentation process.

 This first batch of rice water makes up for two days of application if you have long hair. Or three days of application, if you have short hair. Store rice water in a sealed container.

Once you are done storing the rice water in single containers, make sure to add some orange peels to it because it gets a little bit stinky. Now it is time to leave to ferment. The way Yao women ferment the rice water is in barrels.

 However, I don’t think you have a barrel. Do you?

So the alternative way is storing your rice water in a cold dark place like a kitchen cabinet for a minimum of three days, which is the recommended time before you start applying the fermented rice water to your hair.

Applying Yao Rice Water For Long Hair

The following step is the application of the fermented rice water to your hair. Yao women said they washed their hair with rice water every three days during summertime and once a week during wintertime.

They do not use shampoo or conditioner when they apply the rice water under five feet long hair. Hence, Yao women began the rice washing routine by detangling their hair with their heads upside down, starting from the bottom to the top of their hair using a wooden comb, you can buy one here.

 If you don’t have a wooden comb, at least detangle, with a wide-tooth comb like this one. 

hair growth

Next, you’re going to need a large bowl. So then, you can wash your hair in there, so place your hair inside the bowl.

 Now you’re, going to pour in small amounts of the fermented rice water on your ends first and then soak the middle of your hair and finally cover the entire scalp.

Make sure to rinse your scalp with your fingertips, and you can reapply the remains of the rice water on your hair, or scalp if you need to keep rinsing.

Now carefully drain some of the rice water out of your hair, using your hands. Next, you’re, going to leave the rice water sitting on your hair for 20 minutes, which is what YAO women do! They do not cover their hair with anything. However, some of them wrap their hair.

When time is up, you’re going to rinse the rice water out of your hair, only using distill or filter water. YAO women actually wash their hair in the river. Their river definitely contains tons of minerals and goodies than you Tap water. Now wash your hair very well with eight cups of distilled water to make sure no rice water residue is left on your hair.

Right after that towel dry your hair a little bit, and then allow your hair to air dry entirely as the YAO women do. And when your hair gets dry, you have the option to put your hair in this genius YAO hairstyle, which is very comfortable and provides tons of volume to your hair at the end, so fully recommended to give it a try.

yao women rice water

People Also Ask

How often should you use rice water?

You can use rice water according to your hair wash routine; either you can use it after every second day or twice a week. But according to YAO women, they do the fermented rice water rinse twice a week in summer and once a month in winters.

Can I leave rice water in my hair without rinsing?

No, you should not leave rice water in your hair without rinsing, as it can lead to protein overload and harden your hair. 30-45 minutes is the maximum time to leave rice water in the hair.

Do you put rice water on wet or dry hair?

The best practice is to apply rice water to your dry hair after detangling them properly with a wide-tooth comb. After detangling, put rice water on your hair in such a manner that they soak completely.

In The Final Analysis

This article is about step by step the Yao rice water method. From how to make this fermented rice water to how to apply the fermented rice water on your hair as the YAO women do to increase your hair growth. 

Remember, rice water contains protein, and some hairs could be protein sensitive, so if your hair gets dry, brittle, or stiff after trying the fermented rice water, please discontinue use. 

Different Yao families have their rice water recipes. However, the fermented rice water recipe that I have shared in this article only combines orange peels and rice water. You also have the option to replace the orange peels with pomelos or grapefruits. Remember, for the rice water to ferment, you need to leave it for a minimum of 3 days sitting in a dark place for the fermentation process to begin.

However, some Yao women said that they leave the rice water in fermentation even for months before applying this on their hair. After the three days, fermented rice water should have a sour smell to a strong citrus smell.

Remember to detangle hair, then apply rice water on your using a large bowl and rinse rice water out of your hair with distilled or filtered water, if you can. 

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